Balancing Energy Centers

Eye’s closed with a focus on light. Breathing deeply and reciting affirmations. Hands held over certain points on the body to bring energy centershealing through energy. This is a method of balancing energy centers of the body. Also known as Chakra’s. This holistic approach to healing is done by becoming one with everything and everyone around you. And you are that warming being that produces it all. There are seven energy centers of the body. Starting from the bottom up, there is the base of the spine, the seat of the soul, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown. Within each of these centers there is a location, color, number of petals to a flower, positive and unbalanced expression, a part of the body the center is associated with, a musical instrument, gemstone, spiritual tradition, affirmation and Sanskrit name. This may seem like a lot to remember but I will take you through the routine of one of the energy centers to give you synopsis of how to manipulate this technique.
To be effective with this you must start with the heart center and work your way up to crown. The purpose of this is to soften the heart and awaken the body with love. Think about it this way, all things are to be done with love and compassion. So the same is to be said with the body. You must use the spiritual energy that resonates within you and visualize a violet flame disintegrating all negativity from around your heart. As each one of these centers rotates, you must peel away the hurt, anger and any repressed feeling that may weaken you in any way. Weaknesses of an emotional plane manifest into physical ailments and this is a preventative measure. Visualize this melting away as the flame saturates your heart. See the twelve petals of this flower bloom open and radiate divine love. Recite out loud or under your breath (The heart affirmation) “Violet fire, thou love divine, Blaze within this heart of mine! Thou art mercy forever true, Keep me always in tune with you.” Now you must meditate on the light of your heart. Visualize the light from a higher force descending into your heart according to the word of your prayer. Picture the light of the sun illuminating in the center of your chest. See the rays of the sun dissolving the darkness you feel within the world, loved ones and you. Now see that light grow into fiery-pink beams that break down all barriers that hold you down. Within this meditation recite,” I AM the light of the heart. Shining in the darkness of being. And changing all into the golden treasury of the mind of Christ. I AM projecting my love out into the world. To erase all errors and to break down all barriers. I AM the power of infinite love, amplifying itself. Until it is victorious, world without end!” Continue to repeat as many times as you please.
I stated earlier within each of these centers there is location, color, etc. I will list all that have to do with the heart to give detailed information. The heart is the fourth of the energy centers in the body. It is located in the chest. Its color is pink, rose. It has twelve petals to its flower. The positive expressions are love, compassion, beauty, selflessness, sensitivity, appreciation, comfort, creativity, charity and generosity. The unbalanced expressions are hatred, dislike, selfishness, self-pity, human sympathy and negligence. The part of the body is the heart, thymus and circulatory system. Musical instrument is the harp. Gemstones are ruby, diamond, garnet, rose quartz and pink beryl. Spiritual tradition is Christianity. Sanskrit name is Anahata (unbeaten or unbroken). All of these things are dealings of the heart center. Maybe you can see some relation within it.
You are now on your way to using your energy to heal.  Total Health Systems of Macomb County. Lovely Davis, Massage Therapist, Total Health Systems, Macomb County
References: Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia R. Spadaro
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