employee fitness goals 2012This year we have asked employees of Total Health Systems to voluntarily publish their fitness goals for our patients, followers, and the public to view.  On regular intervals, we will update each employee’s goals.  This is a great way to hold yourself accountable for what you would like to achieve in this coming year.  Please spend some time reading over these goals.  Please make comments or post your own goals that we may track and update over the course of the year.  As these employees reach these goals, we will highlight ways in which they reached their goals, including programs, nutrition plans, services, etc.  Good luck with your fitness goals in the new year and please help hold our employees accountable throughout the process!  Thank you – Dr. Lundgaard

Laurie Nuyens, ATC NASM:  Fitness Program Director:

New PR at half marathon distance, under 1:50:30

Complete at least one bike tour of approximately 60  miles

Complete 1 sprint triathlon

Add more flexibility to my weekly fitness routine by participating in a Yoga class, or  complete flexibility workout with TRX  once a week

Try Pilates

Get adjusted on a more regular basis

Continue with taking my supplements daily

Do resistance training 2x week


Piotr Kasprzyk, PT, Director of Physical Therapy Services:

Be faster than last year in New Baltimore Triathlon (Under 1:12:00)

Participate in my first 5K run

If I decide to run half marathon to do it under 1:55:00

If I decide to do Olympic triathlon to be under 2:40:00

To be able to do 20 pull ups

To touch ground with palms of my hands standing with straight legs.


Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness Services:

Drink 8-10 glasses water per day

Track food intake and exercise daily

Take Ultra Meal shake & Supplements daily

Three meals and 2-3 healthy snacks daily

Pray/Meditate daily

7-8 hours sleep daily

Diaphragmatic Breathing 5-6x daily

Spend prime time with loved ones daily

Bike/Run/walk 1x week

Swim 2x week

Resistance training 2x week

Physical Therapy Exercises 3x week

Try Pilates this year

Belly Dance class this year

Complete one bike tour this year

Complete two competitive sport events this year

Chiropractic adjustment regularly

Get massage on more regular basis

Smile, dance, stretch, play, laugh every day!


Marisa Hubinger, LMT, Staff Massage Therapist:

Lose 7% bodyfat ( Goal 23%)

Run 3 half marathons

Run a half marathon in under 2 hours


Aaron Lundgaard, DC, CSCS, Director of Clinical Services:

Get to and Maintain under 15% bodyfat (Currently 18%)

Maintain current lean body mass (currently 196 lbs)

Run a 5K in 25 minutes or under

Get my 3 lift total to 1400lbs ( 1 rep maximum of bench press, deadlift, and squat added together)

Foam roll 3 times per week

Static stretching 7 days per week

Get adjusted 2-4 times per month

Get massage 1-2 times per month

Get to 20 pull ups before Piotr…(currently can do 12)


Rose Minkiewicz, DC, Staff Chiropractic Physician:

Complete the BIA and both Resting and Exercise Metabolic tests  before the end of January

Complete 21 day SP Purification Program beginning Feb. 1st.

Run the 5k in the MC Festival of Races on April 28th and improve on my time from last year of 31 minutes.

Do flexibility, resistance, and cardio training each 2x/wk.

Continue taking my nutritional supplements regularly.

Repeat BIA with Diane in July.

Gain 6 pounds and maintain it throughout the year.