Hi, I’m Dena, here in the Massage therapy Department at Total Health Systems.Dena Foran - craniosacral
Today I will explain and demonstrate a little bit about Craniosacral Therapy, this technique is performed over the clothes and we begin with the client face up on the table. The pressure used in this modality is that of the weight of a nickel.

Craniosacral is not meant for everybody this procedure has contraindications which include Brain bleeds, recent skull fractures and intra-cranial leakage,ask your doctor if this procedure is right for you.

Craniosacral effects many systems in the body some are the nervous system,endocrine system,digestive system and muscular system.

To explain the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid  (CSF), we all have a flow in our bodies,somewhat of a gentle pumping action,the CSF runs through a dural tube which runs through our spinal column up to our cranium. The movement of CSF has 6-12 cycles.
If you could imagine a balloon filled with air, and the air slowly being let out,the balloon will drift to one side. As you can see my body swaying slowly from side to side it’s this type of movement, we have in our bodies.
To feel it for yourselves,while laying in a comfortable position, place your hands gently at the back of your head, and don’t think or analyze what to feel, just let it happen, you too will feel the flow CSF, like that of a slow roll of a wave.

Now we will have Jessica,who is helping us in this demonstration, lift her leg and bend it at the knee and roll slightly on her side. I will slide my hand under her sacral,coccyx area and she will roll back on my hand,I place my fingers of one hand on the her left side over the bone and my right elbow on the other, as I listen with my hand that’s under her,to feel her CSF,which this hand placement may effect her digestive system, and is believed to relieve headaches and migraines, which are believed to correlate with the low back.
I feel the CSF stronger underneath on her right side,we then allow the movement to go into still point ,in this phase the body moves through restrictions and releases what’s being restricted. The CSF starts to move more fluidly, and I wait for the therapeutic pulse,which feels like a heart beat or pulse,we then move up her body using similar hands on and pressure,which are part of Diaphragm release and that of the pelvic,respiratory,thoracic inlet,hyoid and cranial release.

Thank you for watching this video and I hope you’ve enjoyed this and found it informative, schedule your session at Total Health Systems.