Clinton Twp Personal Training Can Help You Reach Your 2017 Fitness Goals


It’s that time of the year again when we recommit to our health. This yearly tradition may mean different things to different people. For some it’s to quit smoking, for others it’s to be more diligent about taking your vitamins and supplements, maybe it’s to continue with chiropractic care even when you are feeling good. And of course the number 1 resolution each year is too lose weight. No matter what your resolution is, take time this week to think about what you will need to do to be successful. How does your life look different in 6 months, how does your life feel different after sticking your resolution. Start to visualize and really feel this new life you are creating. What help might you need a long the way. Who can help you, what are your resources? Personal training may be the right option for you.

Don’t know where to start with your weight loss or fitness plan? Schedule a consult with our Fitness Program Director, Laurie Moro. She will sit down with you and together you can formulate a plan. Laurie’s expertise can help guide you to the right amount of cardio exercise, the right kind of exercises.

We offer personal one on one training in Clinton Twp. as well as our other 3 locations. It’s you and your personal trainer for 50 minutes. We have trainers available at each location to see clients on an one on one basis. Being one on one with a personal trainer allows for you and your trainer to work on your own battles, your weakness, your personal goals, your injuries. Working one on one can be very rewarding, if you have not tried one on one training we highly recommend you try it. You will be amazed what you can overcome with the help a personal trainer.

We also offer a small group personal training, we call it FitRanX. It’s you and 6 other people and one trainer. FitRanX is a proven system that works. The fitness ranking system keeps you motivated while giving you clear and specific goals. While your workouts are well balanced, full body, challenging workouts. You will get maximum results while under the supervision of your qualified fitness instructor.

Clinton Twp Personal Training

Looking for Clinton Twp Personal Training?

Start of the New Year off with one on one or group training. If you are looking for Clinton Twp personal training at Total Health Systems, be sure to read more about our personal training programs.  Also, check out the fitness tab on our web site for additional information and videos.

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