Sterling Heights Client Says She Finds Youth At Total Health System

Mary D. Client TestmonialI am getting younger not older!!”

Most dramatic lifestyle changes  –
“Since beginning the First Line Therapy Wellness program, I am feeling younger, healthier, and so much better! I have made a number of healthy lifestyle changes, and now eat fish and love it, and do not eat fried foods at all!. I have also decreased dairy products, which has decreased sinus drainage. The Metagenic Medical Food shakes are very filling and good, which I drink every day. I have also increased my water intake daily. I have lost 10 pounds, 10.25 inches, and my bad cholesterol has gone from 180 to 123. I have also been taking Metagenic supplements for digestive issues, which are improving daily”.

“I am getting younger not older! Since starting as a patient at Total Health Systems, my posture has improved and the chronic pain in my neck, lower back, and hips are gone. Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy have kept my spine staying flexible, and my disks have not deteriorated. My physical stamina, core strength, and balance have also improved by working with personal training at Total Health.”

“I am pleased that all the services at Total Health are coordinated. Everyone works together for my improved health, and truly takes care of your total health needs. Having medical doctors on staff means that all services are monitored, and physical therapy, etc., can be covered by insurance. I was surprised and very pleased to find out how truly connected we all are – mind and body.

I have more energy and feel great!”.

Mary Lou D. – Sterling Heights, Michigan (Macomb County)

Sterling Heights Client Says She Finds Youth At Total Health System