Becoming a Massage TherapistWhen I was younger I was always asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Although I was asked this all the time I could never give an honest answer. As I grew up I started to become interested in the medical world since it was all around me at home with my Stepfather working in it. Helping people feel better, and live better lives seemed so rewarding to me that I knew then I must be in that field. While looking into the options I found myself like a kid in a candy store very excited and ready to learn, but still not sure what field I wanted to go into. That is until I started reading up on massage therapy. Not really knowing much about it I took a deeper look into the work. I started learning the benefits of a massage and how he can help promote good health, and help injuries heal seemed amazing that someone could do that with just their hands.  I knew then that massage therapy would be a great profession for me.

I was never much of a school person, but this time schooling was different. I found myself to be so intrigued, and passionate about my work and the human body.  We were always learning something new that would challenge my knowledge. Even though there were some struggles in school I never gave up on my goals of becoming a massage therapist. I just became so fascinated with all the different techniques and how quickly those techniques could heal the body.

From massage therapy I have learned a healthy lifestyle will help maintain the health of your body and I was really look for a place of business that would promote it. While looking for a job a lot of my friends told me about Total Health Systems and how they enjoy their work. After getting an email from a massage mentor about the job opportunity I knew that was my chance to get my foot in the door with Total Health Systems. When I first started working for the company I knew this was the right place for me. Now that I am a massage therapist I am not only able to help relax, and heal the body, I can also help promote good health that will in the end help their body. Even though it has only been a few months I have already seen changes in some of the patients with injuries and overall health.

As a patient it is good to be aware of your body and to take care of it as needed. I have seen a lot of people in a lot of pain from ignoring their bodies. It does take time to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to take care of yourself, but in the end it will be worth it. If I have learned anything from this field it is to take good care of your body and it will take good care of you in the end.

Clinton Township Massage Therapist Talks About Importance of Body Health

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Clinton Township Massage Therapist Talks About Importance of Body Health