Annual Physical in Macomb County – Why Everyone Needs One

Total Health Annual PhysicalsOne of the services that many of our Macomb County clients forget we offer, is traditional medical care. At Total Health Systems, not only do we help you achieve good health through holistic wellness, but we also help you stay healthy with traditional medical care. One of the most important parts of our traditional medical services is primary care. Our onsite health care providers can help you when you are feeling poorly or we can provide annual check-ups for you and your whole family. An annual physical is an important part of holistic wellness, and we encourage all of our clients to visit their primary care physician, whether they are a part of the Total Health System team or not, for an annual check-up.

Know Your Vitals

This is really important, especially for our adult clients. Your annual physical will tell you things like your blood pressure, weight, pulse oxygen level, body temperature, and if you are having a routine blood screen, things like glucose and cholesterol. These might seem trivial to some people, but for many people, changes in their vital information from year to year can be the first indication of a health problem. It’s important to know your vital statistics and track them annually as part of a good holistic wellness routine.

Catch Problems Early

No one likes to be poked and prodded. But statistics today tell us that 7 out of 10 patients with chronic diseases die because they didn’t catch the problem soon enough. Most chronic diseases can be cured or easily managed and resolved with early detection. The best way to catch a problem early and begin a routine of care, is to have an annual physical. Things that can be fixed when caught early include skin cancers (melanoma and carcinomas), breast cancer, prostate cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, and numerous other conditions.

Better Management of Chronic Conditions

If you do suffer from a chronic condition such as arthritis, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, annual physicals are important for successful management of these problems. Even if you suffer from chronic pain from an injury or musculoskeletal issue, an annual physical will allow your physician to monitor changes and help you find a beneficial routine of care. At Total Health Systems, we try to focus our care on non-medicinal treatments, but will also provide traditional medicine and treatment options when necessary.

Healthy Athletes

Whether you are the athlete or your child is the athlete, an annual physical will help us assess your needs as an athlete and what will help your body’s performance. This is especially important for young athletes. Our children’s growing bodies need extra care and attention when they participate in youth sports, to ensure that they do not sustain life long injury. An annual physical will help us to monitor old injuries and new ones as well, to make sure that they are healing well, and will not cause chronic pain or functional issues in the future.

For More Information on Medical Services Offered at Total Health Systems in Macomb County

Annual physicals are an important part of living a healthy lifestyle. If you need an annual physical, the medical experts at Total Health Systems can give you a comprehensive annual physical so that you stay healthy and fit. For more information on our medical services or to schedule an appointment, contact Total Health Systems at one of our five convenient locations in Macomb County today.