Activator Methods Adjusting Technique, Kim Konarski, D.C.

Total Health Systems of Macomb County

Whether you have seen it laying around, heard it used in another room, or had it used on you by one of our Total Health Systems chiropractic physicians, you have probably wondered what exactly the Activator Adjusting Instrument is and what it does. Due to the curiosity that surrounds this adjusting tool I am going to briefly discuss what it is, how it works, and what it can be used for. The Activator Adjusting Instrument is a hand held device used in giving a chiropractic treatment or adjustment. It has its own specific analysis and adjustment that is used to address many different areas of the body. The adjustment with the Activator is usually done lying face down. At this point the Chiropractor will then perform a series of tests which rely on checking the patient’s legs to determine where there is a spinal misalignment or fixation. The tool will then be placed on the specific area that nactivator adjusting instrumenteeds to be adjusted and will create a low force impulse into the joint. This low force impulse allows for a gentler way to make changes in the bones and muscles and eliminates the need for a higher forced manual adjustment. Even though the most common area that the Activator Adjusting Instrument is used is in the spine to help with low back, mid back, and neck pain, it can also be used to aid in relaxation of the muscles, and help with TMJ dysfunction, sinus issues
extremity problems, and much more.

There are a few things that make the Activator unique when compared to others techniques used by Chiropractors. One of the unique qualities is that by definition the Activator Adjusting Instrument is designed to generate a force, acceleration, and a specific line of correction that is re-producible and this specificity is one reason that it is so popular in the Chiropractic community. Along with the specific nature that this adjusting instrument offers, another unique aspect is that it is one of the most widely studied techniques in the chiropractic profession, and has several hundred peer reviewed research articles that have been published. This vast amount of research makes the Activator Adjusting Instrument credible in its claims to help with certain conditions, and also makes it easy for providers and patients to learn not only about the activator, but about certain conditions that can be helped with chiropractic care.One last thing that makes this tool unique is that it allows for chiropractic care to be given in a very low forced, yet effective way. This low forced type of adjustment may appeal to people who want to eliminate the “popping and cracking” during the adjustment, or people who are hesitant to see a chiropractor because of these sounds. Other people who may be drawn to this technique are people who suffer from osteoporosis, bone disorders, children, or people who are in severe pain that can’t tolerate a hands on adjustment. Although the Activator is a safe and effective tool, there are several other techniques that can be used by Chiropractors to make the appropriate changes in the spine. It is important to remember that there is not one technique that is better than others, and here at total health systems we will make sure that we find the technique that works best for you. Talk to your Total Health Systems Chiropractor if you have any questions about instrument adjusting, or about the other techniques used in our office.