A Health Care Facility for YouI was born into a chiropractic (health care) dynasty, my father and both of my grandparents were chiropractors, as well as a lot of my uncles and family friends. My mother is a registered nurse and my grandfather from my mother’s side was a dentist. I was raised a vegetarian and never had any immunizations or flu shots of any kind, to this day. My father instilled in me, “Chiropractic First, Medicine Second, and Surgery last!” and “You are what you eat!”. Through living that life style I have never had much of a need for medicine or surgery.


Throughout middle and high school I was so lucky to have been exposed to biology and chemistry, that I knew my path to become a physician would have been more than I was willing to endure. I fared much better in math and accounting.

After high school I went on to college at Northwood University were I graduated in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a minor in marketing.

With my degree in hand, I was able to move up from a maintenance engineer with Gallagher Chiropractic Clinics to a chiropractic technician. While working at the front desk every day, I could not believe what some of the patients would say. Such as, “Chiropractic was my last resort and I cannot believe the results in just a month” or “My medical doctor and physical therapist told me to stop seeing a chiropractor”. It was at that moment in 1993 that it occurred to me, “why not open a health care facility that offers both disciplines?”

For the next five years I worked diligently with other health care providers and doctors to learn the best option for a multi disciplinary health care facility. I wanted to create a convenient facility; a place where patients could go and where both disciplines would work together for the best interest of the patient. The chiropractor works to keep the spinal integrity and the physical therapist works on the soft tissue and exercises. So in 1998 Dr. Hemlata Amin M.D. and I created Total Health Systems in Hamtramck and Clinton Township. We have since sold the facility in Hamtramck and opened Total Health Systems in Chesterfield.

The older I get the more I realize that, what I think of as common sense is not very common.  I was once told by a successful physician, that in order for a physician to be successful they must have a strong left hand for patient care and a strong right hand for business knowledge. Two things I always recommend to friends or people I meet. 1. Research the ingredients of the food or shots that you put into yours or your kids body. I see people do more research on the car they are going to buy than the things they put into their body. 2. Get adjusted by a chiropractor once a month and keep your spine in line.

I have a dream career as CFO at Total Health Systems. I get to work with numbers and people all day and fine physicians (health care providers) that are strong with their left hand and allow me to be their strong right hand.

Every day is an exciting challenge at work. To see sick people getting well, and figuring out, with our health care team, what other services that patients could benefit from.