Art and Orchard Festival RunCongratulations on committing to do the Art and Orchard Festival 10k.

Total Health Systems is proud to be a sponsor for this fantastic event.

We have provided you a beginner training plan for the 10k event. If you have any questions or get any abnormal aches and pains during you training, please feel free to come see us at any of our locations in Clinton Township, Chesterfield Township and Washington Township.

Even if you just have a quick question or concern about your training, email our certified athletic training and personal trainer

Also look for information on our Foam Rolling workshop for Runners and our Pre Race seminar that will be held at our new Washington Location.


Click here to Download the Training Calendar


Sunday runs are EASY runs, this will be your slow distance run. This run is to help improve your aerobic endurance. Going at a nice easy comfortable pace helps your body learn how to utilize fat as a fuel source.

Monday runs are meant to help strengthen your legs. Find a hilly course or run a section of Stony Creek or add some incline yo a treadmill workout.

Tuesday – rest or do resistance training.

Wednesdays are for Yasso’s workouts. Warm up for a half a mile, then go hard, out of your comfort zone for a half mile. You should be breathing heavy.

Thursdays are for yoga or resistance training.

Friday is a race pace run. You run the pace you want to run in the race. If you are not sure what this is, this is the day each week you can try different paces to help you determine your race pace goal. It should be faster that your Sunday run.

Saturday is a rest day, or make up day for any run you may have missed during the week.