13.1 Miles from Romeo - RichmondTotal Health Systems is proud to be a sponsor again for the Romeo to Richmond Races. This race takes place on the Macomb Orchard Trail and raises money for Macomb food pantries.  This year there will be a 5k (3.1  miles), half marathon relay, (you run 6.6 miles and your partner runs 6.6 miles)and the half marathon (13.2 miles).


If any of these event sounds intriguing to you, Total Health is here to help you get there.   We have a number of things planned to help you.  We will be posting a training program for each event on our website in the next week.  So if you are not sure how to train for any of these events we will have a calendar of workouts for you to work your way thru.



Can you run 3 miles right now?  Fathers Day is 12 weeks from the event.  If you can run 3 miles right now, you can train to be able to complete 13.1 miles on Sept. 15.  Our training plan will get you there safely. Imagine training for and completing a half marathon!


If 13.1 is too much to bite off, find a running partner and do the relay, only 6.6 miles.  If you can’t find a relay partner, email lnuyens@totalhealthsystems.com or post on our FaceBook page. We will  help you find a relay partner!


There is also the 5k run/walk. Maybe you have a friend competing in a longer event, might as well do something while you wait for them to finish.  This is a fun quick event that anyone can do and it gives you a goal to help motivate you.


Watch for upcoming FREE seminars and group training runs in the weeks to follow.  And of course lots of fun facts and tips to keep you motivated along the way.  Look for out tips on our FB page as well as the R2R FB page.