Is your lower back throbbing with discomfort and twinges of pain? Rather than taking over-the-counter medication or similar home remedies, here at Total Health Systems, we believe both you and your back are much better off turning to a professional lower back chiropractor instead. We understand that you might be a bit hesitant if you’ve never been to a chiropractor before, but trust us when we say scheduling a visit is one of the best decisions you’ll make, and here’s why:

why you need a chiropractor for lower back pain

More Than Your Back

One of the first things you should know is the fact that your back plays a bigger part in your overall health than you might know. Back when chiropractic care was just developing in the mid-1890s, it was used by D.D. Palmer to address everything from hearing loss to heart issues. This means that by seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain, there’s a good chance you can experience relief in other areas of your body as well.

Know Just What to Do to Find Relief

If it turns out that it’s more than your back that’s causing you trouble, you might not know that if you don’t schedule a visit to a Michigan chiropractor. Such untreated and misdiagnosed health issues can impact several different areas of your life and bring no end of stress and frustration when you’re unable to successfully treat what’s ailing you. Imagine spending time, energy and money on medication and visits to physicians who find they simply can’t figure out what’s going on with you.

Receive Effective Chiropractic Adjustments & More

The good news is that there are several adjustments that can be used to address your lower back pain and put your spine back into proper alignment. One of the most common of such adjustments is spinal manipulation. During adjustments, your chiropractor will use her or his hands or special instruments to apply pressure to the spine and put the vertebrae back in proper order.

With pelvic blocking, a wedge is positioned underneath your body combined with techniques and adjustments to ease the disc away from the nerve with the help of gravity. Flexion-distraction involves using a special table to both flex and stretch out your spine.

Besides adjustments, receiving a relaxing massage could also be just what your back needs to feel right again. You might not realize it, but there could be scar tissue on your muscles or soft tissue caused by exertion. If this is the case, trigger point therapy combined with Active Release Technique might help to ease out those bothersome kinks.

Finally, you could also benefit from receiving physical therapy once you’ve completed alignment. Such therapy is done with the intention of strengthening the muscles of your back, core and stomach to better support your spine so it has an easier time supporting you.

The next time you find yourself in agony radiating from your lower back, contact a representative of Total Health Systems. You’re free to submit an online form here on our site whenever you’re ready. See how much of a difference a licensed chiropractor can make.