What Is Thai Massage Therapy?There is a recent resurgence in the trends of Asian body work techniques being practiced in the United States- from energy work such as Reiki to hands on modalities such as shiatsu and Thai massage. Most references have it gaining popularity between fifteen and twenty years ago.


Despite when it gained popularity here in the West, this modality is not just some hot new trend. Thai massage was developed over two thousand years ago. It can be traced back to the very first Buddha’s personal physician, Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhacca. That’s over 2,500 years old. Thai Massage is also called nuad bo’rarn.  The term helps one understand the practice just a little bit more. The Thai word nuad means to touch with the intention of healing, and bo’rarn is Sanskrit for something that is sacred or revered. The Sacred Healing Touch.


This modality of massage (sometimes referred to or billed as Lazy Man’s Yoga) incorporates compressions and assisted yoga poses, done over the recipients clothing. The compressions are done along sen (or energy lines), and can be adjusted to the recipients liking of deep tissue work. No oils or lotions are used in this modality.


Though this modality had its roots in Buddhist tradition, and can be considered energy work, there are many physical benefits to Thai massage. You do not have to be a Buddhist, or look at it from the energy aspects to receive this massage or benefit from it.


Receiving Thai massage will assist you in improving flexibility, releasing muscle tension, increasing range of motion, and circulation. This modality will leave you feeling centered, relaxed, and energized. Though it is offered in one hour sessions, it is recommended to do 90 minutes. Thai massage is not indicated if you are pregnant, or have other health concerns in which a doctor may contraindicate massage.


The massage therapists’ at Total health Systems have recently gone through certification in Thai Massage, and it is now available at both of our sites in Macomb County.



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