Workouts to do Throughout the Day from Total Health Systems in Chesterfield, Michigan

Hi, I’m Laurie, and I’m at Total Health Systems in Chesterfield, Michigan today. And I am going to show you a few ways to exercise at work, a couple exercises that you can do if you find you are sitting at your desk for long periods of time, or just not moving often enough. A lot of us have to sit all day at our computer or we’re driving a lot, and we’re just not moving enough. So I encourage everybody to get up and move at least once an hour. But then I have people ask me well what do I do? How should I move? So I’m going to show you 3 exercises or 3 movements today that you can do that are really easy, don’t need any equipment that you can do at your office desk or even at your home. Wherever you are that you find you’re not moving enough. I’m going to show you 3 movements. You’re going to do each one of these for 30 seconds each. It’ll be 90 seconds by the time you’re all done moving.

The first one that you want to start with is punches. You want to get those hands up, protect your face. And you’re just alternating punches. Right, left. Right, left. Right, left. And you want to get that arm out there quick and pull it back quickly. Make sure you don’t get full extension on that elbow. Leave just a little soft bend as you’re punching.

After 30 seconds of that, we’re going to move to your legs. And you’re going to bring your heel to your butt, heel to your butt. Get a nice little stretch in your quad in the front of your thigh. And add a little squat there in the middle to get your heart rate up a little bit more.  This is going to get the blood flowing in your legs.

Finally the Grand finale. We’re going to combine legs and arms. Squat and press. Squat and press. Reach those arms up over your head.  30 seconds of that. By the time you get done with that, your heart rate may be up just a little bit. And you’re going, go and have a seat back at your desk. And have a much more productive next hour.

Workouts to do Throughout the Day from Total Health Systems in Chesterfield, Michigan

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