updated employee fitness goals 2012

This year we have asked employees of Total Health Systems to voluntarily publish their fitness goals for our patients, followers, and the public to view.  Here is our first update for those employees brave enough to publish their goals on line! WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU PUBLISH AND UPDATE YOUR PROGRESS AS WELL.  Please post an update of how you have been doing in the comment section below.  Please look for some detailed programming from some of these employees in future posts.  Maybe this can help you in attaining your health and fitness goals for the year.  Thank you – Dr. Lundgaard


Laurie Nuyens, ATC NASM:  Fitness Program Director:

One Month Progress report:

I feel pretty good with my accomplishments this month.  Having set these goals not only in my head but on the internet has held me more accountable to taking steps to accomplish these goals.  I find this interesting because I did not think it would make that much of a difference because I am pretty self motivated once I set a goal.  

I have planned my racing calendar.  I will be doing the “Let Move Festival” Half marathon on April 28 in Mt. Clemens.  This is a very flat course and should be even better marked this year. So I will train to do well but will not be counting on this race to set my new personal record. (We again will have a Total Health Systems Team so watch for details on our web site and FB page)   This race will serve as a measuring stick as to where I am at and what I need to work on in before the Romeo2Richmond Race in September.  This will be the race I shoot for a new personal record, under 1:50:30.  This is also a pretty flat course. The last two years it has been great weather so I hope for that again this year.  If for some reason I don’t make my goal I will still have the option to make my goal in October in the Detroit Half Marathon.  

I am continuing to do cycle class 2x month and just last week a new TV was put up in the basement. This means I can set up my own road bike on my trainer and start riding more often. By the time I update you next month I will be riding my trainer 1x a week. 

I am cycling and running but not doing any swimming. For a sprint triathlon I will not need to work on my swim until spring and I prefer to do most of my swim training in open water.  

I am doing 2 to 3 good foam rolling sessions each week. But this is nothing new and is not helping to increase my flexibility because I am not stretching after the foam rolling.  I have not gone to a yoga class yet.  I received a DVD and book on using the TRX suspension trainer for flexibility for Christmas.   I looked at it.  Lame I know, so I have to do better with this.  

I am closer to trying Pilates. I found prices and times for classes.  I found out prices for private or duet lessons.  I think Carl (my boyfriend) would love it and think I have him convinced he would like it and benefit from it.   It looks like we may start in Feb. I may have to leave a few minutes early to make sure I get to work on time. It’s important enough to me that I am not going to let a 5 minutes get in my way of doing something I really want to do.  

I had my yearly x-rays taken and Dr. Lundgaard and I went over them.  Everything looks good. 

I cleaned out the vitamin cupboard and this is made it easier for both Carl and I to see all the vitamins we have.  I put all his vitamins on one shelf and all mine on another shelf.  Then the ones we both take are also all together.  In cleaning out the cupboard I found some that I could not remember what they were for so I had the front desk print out the information about the ones I forgot about.  So I am feeling more in control and organized with my supplements.

It was challenging this month because I normally do resistance training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Every Thursday and some Tuesdays I was not able to lift due to work or other appointments.  So I fit it in other places during the week.   I was most proud when I had a Sunday morning commitment until about noon but I came right home and did my TRX resistance workout.  My goal for Feb is to add some plyometric jumps to my workout 1x week.


  •  New PR at half marathon distance, under 1:50:30
  • Complete at least one bike tour of approximately 60  miles
  • Complete 1 sprint triathlon
  • Add more flexibility to my weekly fitness routine by participating in a Yoga class, or  complete flexibility workout with TRX  once a week
  • Try Pilates
  •  Get adjusted on a more regular basis
  •  Continue with taking my supplements daily
  •  Do resistance training 2x week


Piotr Kasprzyk, PT, Director of Physical Therapy Services:

One Month progress report:

I did six pull ups today, started from 3. I do weights twice a week.  Flexibility I can touch fingers to floor with straight legs. Evening TV stretches few times a week.   I run 3 times a week, one long run, one tempo, and one casual run, picking up pace over last season training.  Swim 3 times a week, one long swim, one speed, one technique.   Biking twice a week on trainer.


  • Be faster than last year in New Baltimore Triathlon (Under 1:12:00)
  •  Participate in my first 5K run
  • If I decide to run half marathon to do it under 1:55:00
  • If I decide to do Olympic triathlon to be under 2:40:00
  •  To be able to do 20 pull ups
  • To touch ground with palms of my hands standing with straight legs.


Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness Services:


One Month progress report:

I enjoyed getting quiet and deciding on goals. It was exciting to look within at what I believe is important, and what I wanted to improve. I purchased an exercise and fitness log, and made copies of our First Line Therapy sheets to track food, relaxation, and sleep. Some days it was fun, exciting, and I was motivated and inspired. But there were also days when I felt challenged, in pain, and fatigued. Those were the days I learned the most about myself!

Hydration is good, tracking food/exercise 75% of the time, and eating healthy with Ultra Meal shakes/supplements daily. I am working on increasing daily protein to keep up with increased exercise, and reducing carbs that winter cravings trigger. Aiming at more consistent food tracking, so I know what I am actually eating. Daily sleep has improved and it is much easier to get up and get to the gym and work early in the morning. Daily prayer and meditation, which keep me spiritually balanced and uplifted, need more attention. Committed to a Bible Study group, and began new study book.

Goals for swimming/running were met, and will be increased. Injury kept me off the bike. Physical Therapy advised using my fitted bike on a Trainer, which I am getting today. Will start slow, listen to my body, and get some miles 2x/week. Resistance training at 50%, so that will be a big focus. Got adjusted 2x/this month, feels great, especially the pituitary gland release of hormones (happy warm fuzzy) that stimulate adrenals……great feelings of relaxation/well-being! I increased communication with loved ones, via text, email, cell phone, and actual visits. Next week will register for a competitive event and schedule massage for my February birthday! More to follow next month…….



  •  Drink 8-10 glasses water per day
  • Track food intake and exercise daily
  • Take Ultra Meal shake & Supplements daily
  •  Three meals and 2-3 healthy snacks daily
  • Pray/Meditate daily
  •  7-8 hours sleep daily
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing 5-6x daily
  •  Spend prime time with loved ones daily
  •  Bike/Run/walk 1x week
  • Swim 2x week
  • Resistance training 2x week
  •  Physical Therapy Exercises 3x week
  •  Try Pilates this year
  •  Belly Dance class this year
  •  Complete one bike tour this year
  •  Complete two competitive sport events this year
  • Chiro adjustment regularly
  • Get massage on more regular basis
  •  Smile, dance, stretch, play, laugh every day!


Marisa Hubinger, LMT, Staff Massage Therapist:

One Month Progress Report:

Body fat will not be tested again until March. I will say that the way my clothing is fitting better, I feel like I am on the right track. Running wise, training for my first half begins in two weeks. Been working on building up my base in running to date.


  • Lose 7% body fat (Goal 23%)
  • Run 3 half marathons
  •  Run a half marathon in under 2 hours


Aaron Lundgaard, DC, CSCS, Director of Clinical Services:

One Month Progress Report:

Training has been going well.  I will have my body fat assessed again in mid-February to see how I am doing with my first two goals, but I know I have dropped body fat because my vascularity has increased.

My 5K has been going down.  I started out running it in 28.5 minutes.  Today, I ran in 26 minutes 35 sec. I will be running to get an official time at the Lets Move festival in Mt. Clemens with the Total Health Systems’ Team.

Bench press maximum is at 365lbs, dead lift max is at 435lbs and squat max is at 475lbs for a 3 lift total of 1275.  That last 125lbs is going to be difficult, but all my weight training is geared toward that.

Stretching and foam rolling is only happening 4-5 times per week (static) and 1-2 times per week for foam rolling….FAILURE!

15 pull-ups today! (Started at 12) Piotr was my witness….

I have been getting adjusted (1 time per week) and massaged (1 time per 2 weeks) at my goal pace, and it has been helping with my training tremendously.  It has kept me from needing days off my training schedule.


  •  Get to and Maintain under 15% body fat (Currently 18%)
  •  Maintain current lean body mass (currently 196 lbs)
  • Run a 5K in 25 minutes or under
  •  Get my 3 lift total to 1400lbs ( 1 rep maximum of bench press, dead lift, and squat added together)
  •  Foam roll 3 times per week
  •   Static stretching 7 days per week
  • Get adjusted 2-4 times per month
  •  Get massage 1-2 times per month
  •  Get to 20 pull ups before Piotr…(currently can do 12)


Rose Minkiewicz, DC, Staff Chiropractic Physician:

One Month Progress Report:

I have been successful in staying on my workout schedule for one hour, three days per week; with a mix of flexibility, resistance and cardio training. I completed both the resting and exercise New Leaf analyses as well as the BIA test.  I have completed my first three cardio training sessions from the new leaf program, based on my test results and my goals for the 5k at the Festival of Races in April.  I am working on getting my caloric intake up to the level that the metabolic tests showed would aid me in achieving my weight goal by July. I will still be starting the 21 day SP Purification Program on Feb. 1st.


  •   Complete the BIA and both Resting and Exercise Metabolic tests  before the end of January
  •   Complete 21 day SP Purification Program beginning Feb. 1st.
  •   Run the 5k in the MC Festival of Races on April 28th and improve on my time from last year of 31 minutes.
  •  Do flexibility, resistance, and cardio training each 2x/wk.
  •  Continue taking my nutritional supplements regularly.
  •  Repeat BIA with Diane in July.
  • Gain 6 pounds and maintain it throughout the year.