This year we have asked employees of Total Health Systems to voluntarily publish their fitness goals for our patients, followers, and the public to view.  Here is our update for March for those employees brave enough to publish their goals on line! WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU PUBLISH AND UPDATE YOUR PROGRESS AS WELL.  Please post an update of how you have been doing in the comment section below.  Keep working hard toward your goals for the year, whatever they may be!  Thank you – Dr. Lundgaard

Laurie Nuyens, ATC NASM:  Fitness Program Director:

One Month Progress report:  When I originally set my goals for 2012 I thought March would have begun my half marathon training. I was going to try to get a new personal record for the half marathon distance at the “Lets Move” half marathon scheduled in April.   Sometime things don’t go as planned but you got to roll with it and set new goals, no matter how different they are from your original goals.  

I spent March recovering from surgery.  While in the hospital I was encouraged to get up and walk the halls. I was in a lot of pain but knew I had to move to feel better. I started out trying to make 50 feet.  A few walks later I set the goal to make it to the end of the corridor and soon I was doing a full lap around the floor.  Carl tried to encourage me by timing my laps.  Even though I felt awful and was in a lot of pain giving me a goal brought out my competitiveness.  It was a lot like training for a race.  If you don’t set a time goal you just kind of go through the motions of training and then racing. It’s fun but not as fun as having a goal.  I was going to walk the halls whether I had a goal or not.  Just like I will run and race whether I have a goal or not. To see a new best time either in the hospital or on the race course makes it that much more rewarding.  After one particular “fast” lap in the hospital I got done and asked Carl my time, “oh sorry I forgot to start the time”.  I was so bummed.  It was just like doing a great run or workout without my heart rate monitor or timer.  

Once home I was able to start doing some walks outside.  I was slow.  I think my dog was pretty confused by our new pace. Our walks might have been 20 minutes but we were only covering a quarter of our usual route.   Each walk I would try to go a little bit farther.   4 1/2 weeks after surgery I was starting to get some energy back, was able to walk farther and faster.  Carl and I went out for a walk with our dog.  I was feeling good, the sun was shining and it was warming up to be one of those 80 degree days, but with less than .25 mile to go my body said enough.  My pace was down to a snail’s pace and Carl came and picked me up.  It was very humbling for me. I felt like are you kidding me?  I ran a full marathon in December and now I can’t even walk 2 miles.  I was bummed but so thankful Carl was able to come pick me up.  (From then on I did not walk unless someone was home to come get me in, just in case) I found comfort in the fact that I knew I was eating well, trying to stay as active as possible, doing everything I could do to encourage my body to heal.  

During the early weeks of recovery I found small goals helped me and gave some order to my schedule free day.  I started out with simple tasks, like taking a shower. ” Ok today I am going to take a shower and make breakfast without taking a break in between.  Ok today I am going to take a shower, dry my hair, make breakfast and do the dishes before I take a break.”  I am slowly getting back into my normal workout routine.  I walked/jogged about 2 miles a few days ago and felt pretty good considering.  I think with some training I will be able to complete the Let’s Move 5k at the end of the month.   It might not be the race I thought I would be doing but I am thrilled to be training for race and setting bigger goals for myself besides shower and do the dishes.  


  • New PR at half marathon distance, under 1:50:30
  • Complete at least one bike tour of approximately 60  miles
  • Complete 1 sprint triathlon
  • Add more flexibility to my weekly fitness routine by participating in a Yoga class, or  complete flexibility workout with TRX  once a week
  •  Try Pilates
  •  Get adjusted on a more regular basis
  • Continue with taking my supplements daily
  • Do resistance training 2x week

Piotr Kasprzyk, PT, Director of Physical Therapy Services:

One Month progress report:  My training has been very good so far, no injuries.   I am starting to focus more on race preparation.  I am implementing more speed work and have laid off weight training.  Since I can’t participate in the Lets Move Festival, I signed up for 5K race near Stony Creek in May called “Back to the Beach”.   It will be my first one, so I don’t have any expectation for a time.  My next race is an Olympic distance triathlon on Belle Isle in June. It has a little longer running leg than the normal distance, which will make it harder for me. My goal is to be below 2h 40 minutes.  I hope it is a fast course!   With pull ups, I’m up to 14.  After I reached my flexibility goal, I backed off from stretching. It just human nature, if we are not focused on the goal, we get off track.



  • Be faster than last year in New Baltimore Triathlon (Under 1:12:00)
  • Participate in my first 5K run
  •  If I decide to run half marathon to do it under 1:55:00
  • If I decide to do Olympic triathlon to be under 2:40:00
  •  To be able to do 20 pull ups
  • To touch ground with palms of my hands standing with straight legs.


Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness Services:


One Month progress report:  March’s weather was unseasonably warm and a wonderful surprise.  The sunny weather and blue skies brought smiles to many, and it has been great to be able to bike outside at Stony Creek so early in the season. I continue to use my health and fitness log for daily tracking of food and activity/exercise/relaxation/ sleep patterns. Rest/recovery is so important, and I am very aware of the impact of this on my overall health and well-being.  

Still starting each day with Metagenics Ultra meal or Standard Process Complete with whey protein. This a great way to get moving and it leaves me feeling good and energetic. This month I have been using Ultra meal Egg Nog and Pumpkin flavored mix, and along with the First Line therapy Food Plan, and other supplements, I feel balanced and full, and rarely hungry. 

Getting quiet and still remains a challenge for me, but reaps great benefits. Daily prayer is part of my life, and brings joy and peace. Missed my massage this month and have decided to schedule these appointments farther in advance to assure I get massage. The same for my chiropractic adjustments, which are so much a part of my good health and well-being. Planning on increasing my adjustments in April.

Ordered a new bike this month, and am so excited! It should be ready for a fitting in a few days. It is amazing. As with running, just a few months ago (due to injury) it seemed like I would never be able to enjoy either sport again, but now it is not if I will, but how far should I go each time!! Great Physical Therapy at Total Health has assisted with a successful return to the life I love, and the sports I so much enjoy! Spring is here and looking forward to more sunny skies and warm weather.



  • Drink 8-10 glasses water per day
  •  Track food intake and exercise daily
  •  Take Ultra Meal shake & Supplements daily
  • Three meals and 2-3 healthy snacks daily
  • Pray/Meditate daily
  • 7-8 hours sleep daily
  •  Diaphragmatic Breathing 5-6x daily
  •  Spend prime time with loved ones daily
  • Bike/Run/walk 1x week
  •  Swim 2x week
  •  Resistance training 2x week
  •  Physical Therapy Exercises 3x week
  •  Try Pilates this year
  •  Belly Dance class this year
  •  Complete one bike tour this year
  • Complete two competitive sport events this year
  •  Chiropractic adjustment regularly
  • Get massage on more regular basis
  •  Smile, dance, stretch, play, laugh every day!

Marisa Hubinger, LMT, Staff Massage Therapist:

One Month progress report:  I haven’t been able to connect with Laurie Nuyens for body fat analysis update, but training for the half marathon has been okay. Not as consistent as I would like, but I am hoping that I can still set a PR on it. My biggest struggle has been diet. I know nutritionally I am not cutting it. It does not help to have a three year old in the house during holidays! Now that Easter is over, I am hoping to be able to work a bit better with my diet, and get on the healthy eating train.


  • Lose 7% body fat (Goal 23%)
  • Run 3 half marathons
  • Run a half marathon in under 2 hours

Aaron Lundgaard, DC, CSCS, Director of Clinical Services:

One Month Progress Report:

I just got back from vacation, so it was a light training week. I lifted three times and ran twice while I was gone. 

My 5K has been going down.  I started out running it in 28.5 minutes.  My lowest time has been 26 minutes.   I have started outdoor running to prepare for the 5K April 28th at the Lets Move Festival.

I will get back to heavy weight training after I hit my 5K goal, until then, I am just maintaining my current 1 rep maximums in bench, deadlift, and squat.

Stretching and foam rolling is happening 3-4 times per week (static) and 1-2 times per week for foam rolling. 

I have still been getting adjusted (1 time per week) and massaged (1 time per 2 weeks) at my goal pace.  This has probably been the easiest goal to meet as it has been keeping me feeling good.

Pull ups are at 17 when I am fresh but warmed up.


  •  Get to and Maintain under 15% body fat (Currently 18%)
  •  Maintain current lean body mass (currently 196 lbs)
  •  Run a 5K in 25 minutes or under
  •  Get my 3 lift total to 1400lbs ( 1 rep maximum of bench press, dead lift, and squat added together)
  • Foam roll 3 times per week
  •  Static stretching 7 days per week
  • Get adjusted 2-4 times per month
  •  Get massage 1-2 times per month
  •  Get to 20 pull ups before Piotr…(currently can do 12)

Rose Minkiewicz, DC, Staff Chiropractic Physician:

One Month Progress Report:  To date, I have completed the BIA and the resting and exercise GA Metabolic tests. I have completed the 21 day SP purification program. I am continuing to train for the 5k, I was only running 1x/wk during March due to time constraints, but will be able to run 3x/wk starting this week until the race. I am taking my supplements regularly and will be having an updated BIA performed soon to check on changes with my lean mass vs. fat mass thus far. I am not gaining weight and have actually lost a little…I will know if I lost lean mass or fat when I repeat the BIA….I hope it was fat!


  • Complete the BIA and both Resting and Exercise Metabolic tests  before the end of January
  • Complete 21 day SP Purification Program beginning Feb. 1st.
  • Run the 5k in the MC Festival of Races on April 28th and improve on my time from last year of 31 minutes.
  •  Do flexibility, resistance, and cardio training each 2x/wk.
  • Continue taking my nutritional supplements regularly.
  •  Repeat BIA with Diane in July.
  •  Gain 6 pounds and maintain it throughout the year.