Teachers Recess 2Total Heath Systems had a wonderful ‘Teachers Recess’ turn out at Warren Woods Middle School. Personal Trainer Karoline Teachers Recess 1Lukowski, from our Chesterfield location, treated twelve teachers to a FitRanX workout after school. She used a variety of equipment from jump ropes, kettle bells and even a Bosu ball to make sure the teachers were able to get the total FitRanX experience. These individuals were paired up at each of the six stations for a fun and interactive sweat session. They were able to work together, fatigue together and even help to correct each others form. “It’s always amazing to watch clients push themselves past their limitations. Many of these teachers are coming in after suffering from past injuries or lack of physical activity over the years. But each has a personal goal to achieve and it’s great to witness the amount of willpower they Teachers Recess 3discovered within themselves.” Karoline was able to modify for each individual, providing them all with a safe and effective 30 minute workout. These teachers will be meeting again on Thursday for the next two weeks to continue their commitment towards a healthier lifestyle. Next week, Karoline will be introducing the teachers to her Pilates class, allowing them to experience everything our multi-specialty clinic has to offer.

Article written by Karoline Lukowski