NASM is one of the most respected personal training certifications

With the training Chantell received from the NASM she has many tools to help asseChantell, Personal Trainer, Total Health Systemss clients and create a successful program to reach his/her goals. Using the Optimum Performance Training Model Chantell can assesses overactive or underactive muscle and include specific exercises to address the muscle imbalances.

If you tend to get hurt or don’t see the results you expect when you get into a regular workout routine it might just be that you are not doing the right exercises for you. Chantell can asses this, and put together a workout to help keep you feeling good and progressing towards your goals.

Whether your goal is lose weight, improve muscle tone, lose body fat, improve balance, decrease pain, or continue healing after an injury. Chantell can work with you in a group setting or one on one or mixture of both.

Your first step is to set up a fitness consult with Chantell give us call or or email her at

Oh and one more thing ! Chantell is offering Family FitRanx this summer. Take this opportunity to do something active with your kids. Plus it’s a great way to expose them to resistance exercise, something that will enhance all the sport specific training many of our kids do. Call or email for special pricing and times. Family FitRanx starts the week of June 22!