Clinton Township Patient Tells Story: Chiropractic changes lives

Total Health Systems Changes Patient's Life for the Better My husband and I decided to build our dream house.  After moving in he told me that we were in financial trouble and I would have to return to work.  I had a previous career in public relations; however I really was hoping to find employment in a way that I could help people.  I had been a caregiver for family who had cancer. I remember very well how a smile, kind word, or helping hand was so appreciated.  Not only to the patient but also to the family members.  Now I must find something the bills were mounting.

Then came a serve low back problem.  I was suffering.  I could hardly walk, couldn’t sleep, and the medical doctors were prescribing pain medications.  This was helping with the pain but all I was doing was sleeping.  The medical doctor was now discussing back surgery.  I was scared to death.  I was trying to care for a six year old, care giving for my Father who was bed ridden with terminal cancer, trying to focus on finding employment, and trying to deal with my back pain.  Depression was becoming my best friend.  The medical profession kept saying that low back pain would go away with the pain medication or surgery was very possible.  I was like many patients at Total Health Systems I did not know where to turn.

My Mother at this point suggested chiropractic care.  I was desperate to feel better physically and emotionally.  If I could figure out the cause of my low back problem, then I could possibly help myself, along with my family.  I needed to feel better.

Then came Total Health Systems.  I met a wonderful chiropractor.  Life began to turn around.  I started to heal slowly.  The chiropractor explained the healing process.  Passive/Intensive first.  Second Corrective Care.  Third and finally Active/Wellness Care.  He explained this was going to take time, several visits, and dedication on my part.  “Follow my schedule, do the stretches, participate in physical therapy and I promise you will feel better.”

The treatment schedule became part of my daily life.  I became educated through chiropractic care on health wellness.  Total Health Systems was providing a successful means without surgery.  I was healing and also becoming educated in wellness.  This information I passed along to family and friends.  This was a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and would benefit everyone I cared about.  I began my journey to convert friends and family to Total Health Systems.   Little did I know I would along life’s way become a chiropractic technician. Now I am able to collaborate on patient wellness.  I have met my goal in my life to extend a smile. a hand or kind word to a patient who is suffering.   Chiropractic changes lives!

Our society needs to be aware that chiropractic is the answer to many of our health care issues.  There are many untrue myths that are given out about chiropractic adjustments.  These adjustments are so beneficial to everyone’s life.  Total Health systems offers answers to so many personal health issues.  We may be the answer you are looking for.  Total Health Systems has helped me, my family, and many of my personal friends.

Marlyn V. – Clinton Township, Michigan (Macomb County)

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Clinton Township Patient Tells Story: Chiropractic changes lives