Massage Therapist Talks About Value of Total Health Systems

Massage Therapist Elizabeth S.You never really realize how fast time changes everything. Looking back on the summer of 2004 when I graduated high school I never thought I would be so changed by my profession.  I realized that after spending a year and a half at a community college that my field of choice, psychology, was just not my cup of tea. I have always enjoyed helping people and have been a recipient of massage therapy since high school. I relocated to a new home and needed a new job as well. Bartending and waitressing was a great job, just not fulfilling enough for me. The money was good but flat lined and I was tired of not getting a steady check. I was sitting at home contemplating going back to the community college or picking up a day job when I had my “Aha!” moment. A commercial came on the TV, and like it’s supposed to do, the next thing I knew I was taking a mini road trip to visit National Institute of Technology in Southfield where I signed up and graduated in October of 2006. I met some amazing people who helped me during school, focus on my posture and stances along with energy work. I quickly started working in my new field. Learning things such as the power of energy and the power of touch has changed my life for the better.

About 2 years after graduation I had to take a break in my massage career due to some health complications. After a few surgeries and being treated like a lab rat, I knew I HAD to get back into massage. The power of positive touch is so soothing and healing for me, just knowing I am helping someone else. I believe everything we go through in life leads us to where we need to be.

During my time working as a massage therapist I have met the most incredible people and have had the opportunity to learn many new skills while on the job. During each hour session, I spend that time connecting and helping ease the tension and stress from the muscles of each individual for their specific needs.  Hearing each person’s story and being able to watch their tension and pain ease while on the table is an extremely rewarding feeling.

My very first adjustment was debated upon for years. I had been hearing mixed stories from different people. After meeting with the chiropractors that I now work with, I realized there is nothing to fear! My x-rays were shown to me and explained in detail and all my questions were answered before I was even put on the table. I was so comforted to be listened to and have my pain acknowledged. I would recommend everyone to meet with one of our chiropractors, if not for an adjustment, but for all around health care advice. After my first few adjustments I felt so very comfortable that we began talking about supplements and wise diet changes. I now take a daily supplement that has shown great improvement not only to me but the people closest around me.

When people ask me about my profession I am proud to tell them I work at Total Health Systems. At THS they value each individual and treat everyone like family. It’s a blessing for me to be able to join their team to help the people of the community. Working with many other massage therapists has shown me new techniques and opened my eyes to a whole new side of massage. I am thankful to be helping people on a daily basis at Total Health Systems and invite you to call and make an appointment to see me.

Elizabeth S. – Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Talks About Value of Total Health Systems

If you would like to make and appointment with Elizabeth or to check out Total Health Systems please call them at 586-228-0270.

Massage Therapist Talks About Value of Total Health Systems