Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Groin Pain and Chiropractic

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Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Groin Pain and Chiropractic

Many people list groin pain as a complaint when they begin care at our office. Most often it is on one side, but is sometimes on both. There can be many causes for groin pain and a proper evaluation is very important to determine the cause and best method of treatment.

The groin can be defined several ways, but most people describe it as the upper, inner thigh area where the femur/thigh meets the lower abdomen. Groin pain can be referred pain from internal organ dysfunction or disease such as kidney infection/stones, bladder infections, ovarian/uterine cysts, cancer, hernia, as well as other internal issues. If any of these causes are suspected, the chiropractor can refer you to a medical doctor for further evaluation. If you have groin pain and have a fever, nausea and/or vomiting, we recommend that you go to your primary care doctor or the ER right away.

For our purposes, we are going to go over some of the musculoskeletal causes and how chiropractic and/or physical therapy can help. Most commonly, we see a patient with one-sided groin pain that has been caused by injury/sprain to the muscles in the area. Injury to this area is often sports related, but can be from personal injury as well. If the pain is strictly muscular in origin, the chiropractor can recommend that the patient possibly undergo physical therapy to speed the healing through manual muscle release and then teach the patient stretches and strengthening exercises to help prevent re-injury.

If there is pelvic, sacroiliac, and/or lumbar joint involvement, the chiropractor can evaluate for and adjust any misaligned areas that could be causing nerve irritation and inflammation and contributing to the pain that the patient is feeling.

Most often, it is determined that there is a combination of muscle and joint dysfunction and many of our patients will undergo chiropractic treatments and physical therapy to help correct the problem and eliminate pain as quickly as possible for the patient.

All of the chiropractors at Total Health Systems are qualified to evaluate this condition and recommend a proper course of treatment. Additionally, since we have medical doctors and physical therapists on site, we can get the patient scheduled quickly with them as well if necessary.

Appointments are available six days a week for convenience and we can often get patients in the same day so don’t wait if you are experiencing this or any type of pain.


Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Groin Pain and Chiropractic

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