the foundation for good postureWhat determines our posture?  There are a lot of factors affecting it. Some factors we can have more influence on than others. At Total Health Systems of Macomb County, we help our patients improve their overall health and correcting their posture is important part of it.


Our posture is largely affected by how we trained ourselves to handle our body. As creatures of habit, we teach ourselves how to move or hold our body and we keep doing it the same way. We can do it consciously or without putting any thought to it. An example of trained posture could be military posture or ballet posture, where over years person develops a certain way of carrying himself.

In a big way, our occupation determines how we carry ourselves, since we often spend many hours in a particular position. Activities that could negatively affect us are: holding the phone between your head and shoulder or slouching over the computer. Also daily activities like carrying a baby on one hip can shift our pelvis and lumbar spine to one side.

Habits are difficult to correct but with some determination it is achievable. At Total Health Systems of Macomb County we help patients to recognize how they carry themselves and suggest proper course of action to change it.


We express our emotion not only verbally but also using our body. It is so called body language. We can recognize intuitively or train ourselves to read emotion just by looking at the person.  A happy person will have their chest forward, with an open face, versus a stressed out person who will have their shoulders close to ears and protruded forward with the head translated forward.

At Total Health Systems we help our patients to recognize the connection between body and mind. We help them see that how they feel, and especially stress, affects their posture and overall health.


Personality is another factor that is imprinted in our body. A proud and confident person will present himself different than person with low self-esteem.  An Extraverted person will look more open than introverted person.

To some extent we can change it, but it would be slow process and only person involved can do it.


Genetics definitely affect our posture. The type of body build we have, how we carry our fat, if we have increased or decreased lumbar curve, are all factors that are decided by our genetics.

On that part obviously we do not have any influence since it was predetermined at conception.



Injuries have significant influence on our posture. An obvious situation is when a person is in a lot of pain in the low back or neck area and automatically assumes a pain relieving position (antalgia). If it lasts for a long time, they could develop new habits like limping or side bending posture. Also connective tissue can form to the new position and limit the possibility to acquire balanced posture.

Many injuries are never corrected. The body compensates for them and it affects how we stand and move.  The main focus of body is to relieve tension on the injured site instead of staying balanced.

At Total Health Systems of Macomb County, we have many tools to help address and heal injuries. Chiropractic care corrects spine misalignment that can exist undetected for many years.  Physical Therapy addresses acute or chronic soft tissue injuries. Massage therapy that enhances healing of the body and reduces stress. Medical doctors that help diagnose underlying injuries and chose best course of action to correct them.  If you or a loved one has possible postural disruptions, please come in for an assessment at Total Health Systems of Macomb County today!