Looking for “Thai massage near me”? Part massage, part yoga workout, and part physical therapy, Total Health Systems offers Thai massage therapy for people who want to improve flexibility and range of motion, boost energy, and relieve stress.

How Did Thai Massage Develop?

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According to the theory behind Thai massage therapy, the body has ten lines of energy called sen, and the purpose of Thai massage is to release blockages along the sen to allow the energy to flow freely. Thai massage grew out of the Buddhist tradition and was developed in order to help Buddhist nuns and monks to sit for long hours in meditation by increasing their flexibility. Credit for the development of Thai massage is attributed to Shivago Kumar Bhucca, a physician from ancient India.

Why Is Thai Massage Therapy Different?

Thai massage differs from most people’s traditional idea of a massage in several significant ways. Thai massage primarily consists of therapist-assisted yoga poses achieved via pulling, stretching, and rocking techniques in which the therapist uses his or her hands, feet, legs, and knees to guide your body into the desired posture. Thai massage is sometimes referred to as “lazy yoga” because of the assistive role the therapist plays.

You are not be required to disrobe for Thai massage, although you are advised to wear comfortable clothes you can move in easily. No massage oils are utilized, and rather than lying on a table, you will likely lie upon a padded mat on the floor.

What Are Potential Thai Massage Benefits?

Thai massage therapy promotes increased flexibility and stress relief through joint mobilization, deep muscle compression, and acupressure. It may also help improve the following health problems:

  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Muscle spasticity and pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Nonspecific back pain, both chronic and subacute

Thai Massage Near Me?

Long considered a crucial aspect of medical treatment in Thailand, Total Health Systems now offers this uniquely beneficial massage modality to you. For all of you searching for “Thai Massage Near Me” contact us today by calling 586-949-0123 to schedule your appointment.

Why Are Thai Massages Growing in Popularity?

Over the past few decades, massage therapy has become ubiquitous. It’s no longer just available in upscale health or luxury spas. There are many types of massage. Swedish massage is one that uses long strokes on your body to help you relax and be more energized. It’s the most common type of massage. Another type of massage uses warm, smooth stones placed on specific points on the body. A hot stone massage loosens tight muscles to let the therapist work on your muscle tension quicker and easier. Thai massages, a newer form that is gaining popularity, is a blend of yoga, stretching and massage techniques.

What Is Thai Massage?

A Thai massage is very energizing. It’s quite different from other massage types, because the therapist moves and stretches your body into different positions. Think about yoga moves, but having someone else help you get into the postures. Typically, you lay down on a futon mat. The therapist works with compression. While moving your body into a stretch, the therapist might press into your muscle tissue with his or her hands or with his or her entire body.

Another key difference is that you are completely clothed. You should wear something comfortable that allows you to move your legs and arms. The therapist pulls, stretches and compresses your muscles No oil or lotion is used, but there will be constant body contact between you and the therapist. However, many people who are uncomfortable disrobing during a massage find this type of massage very beneficial.

Additional Benefits of Thai Massages

Thai massages combine the benefits of a Swedish or deep tissue massage with elements of yoga, physical therapy and chiropractic therapy. It’s very important that the practitioner be fully trained in Thai massage. You should not confuse a therapeutic Thai massage with a sensual massage. The therapeutic massage is designed for emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Some of the benefits include:

• Boost your mood
• Help you relax
• Relieve aching muscles, joint stiffness and pain
• Stimulate circulation
• Provides temporary pain relief
• Improve flexibility
• Boost energy
• Relieve tension headaches

Some people call this type of massage, the “lazy person’s yoga.” The therapist does a lot of passive stretching, which really can help target muscle knots and issues in flexibility. Although some people do describe Thai massage as painful, you should not be uncomfortable during the massage. When stretching and pulling muscles, you may feel some discomfort, but you should never feel excessive pain.

Is a Thai Massage Right for You?

Before undergoing a Thai massage, your licensed massage therapist should discuss your health history with you. If you have osteoporosis, disk herniation or cardiovascular disease, it’s a good idea to discuss it with your healthcare provider before treatment. You should also notify your massage therapist about any recent surgeries or other health concerns. Typically, a session is 60 minutes, but can extend up to 2 hours. You should not eat a heavy meal before a Thai massage. With all the benefits, it’s no wonder that Thai massage is growing in popularity.

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“Had a 1 hour deep-tissue massage. I was a little worried the woman was tiny, and I’m 6’5″ over 300 lbs. But she did a great job. I’m sorry I didn’t get her card. She sure earned her$. I’ll be going back.”