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Can Chiropractic Care Make You Healthier?

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Can Chiropractic Care Make You Healthier? With school starting in the next few weeks, it’s obvious that the summer is coming to an end, and soon we’ll be thinking about pumpkins, apple pie, Halloween costumes, and big comfy sweaters. It also means that the time of year that brings coughs and sniffles is also right [...]

Macomb County Massage Therapist Discusses Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils

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You can treat a wide Variety of physical problems with aromatherapy. Almost all essential oils have antiseptic properties and are able to fight infection and destroy bacteria,fungi,yeast,parasites, and /or viruses. Many essential oils also reduce aches and pain,soothe or rout inflammations and spasms,stimulate the immune system and insulin and hormone production,affect blood circulation,dissolve mucus and open [...]