Custom Designed Health & Wellness Evaluation in Macomb County

We would like to introduce you to our health and wellness programs. Our program includes clinical tests that can help us evaluate your current health and determine what supplement support may benefit you. The Systems Survey Form and Nutritional Exam are NO COST to you for a limited time. Please call any of locations to set up a consultation.


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Custom Designed Health & Wellness Evaluations

What is the Systems Survey Form?

The Systems Survey is a questionnaire of symptoms that correlate with the many organs and glands of your body. While one single symptom does not provide us with much information, a pattern of symptoms can uncover many underlying health imbalances. This is the purpose of the Systems Survey Form. With this information we can build an individualized program designed to support your primary concerns and health goals.

What is the Nutritional Exam?

The Nutritional Exam is a series of non-invasive tests that quickly and accurately provide information vital to the assessment of your overall health.

The results from your nutritional consultation, combined with the results from your nutritional Exam and Systems Survey Form, give the health care practitioner a thorough understanding of your overall health.

Some of these tests include:

How well you digest and process foods
How your body handles blood sugar
How your body processes essential and dietary fats
Key Essential Mineral Evaluation: Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, Zinc

What are Symptoms?

Your body’s main purpose is to maintain balance and optimal health. A symptom is a sensation or change in the body’s normal functioning, signaling that is off balance. Body systems not functioning properly can often indicate underlying health challenges.

How to Use Symptoms to Your Advantage

Many times specific symptoms appear that actually give us valuable information as to what your body needs. The key to achieving proper health is understanding and interpreting the signs and signals can lead us directly to the root cause of many larger problems. In our office, we have a variety of methods for evaluation your health status on many levels. The Systems Survey and Nutritional Exam give us vital information that help to determine and support your specific health needs and goals. Please call to set up your appointment today!

Custom Designed Health & Wellness Evaluation in Macomb County