Stress and Nutrition are Explained by Total Health Systems

Hi, my name is Dr. Jennifer Hudson. I’m a chiropractor here at Total Health Systems. Total Health Systems is a multidisciplinary clinic. We deal with all aspects of a patient’s health. The topic I’m going to briefly discuss today is nutrition. Basically, nutritional support for those who are under a lot of stress in our day to day lives. I mean we’re all under some type of stress. Whether it’s to a great magnitude or to a small one; typically what stress will do, it’ll activate the fight or flight response. Once the fight or flight response has been activate it will basically be a cascade of different physiological reactions with in regards to your emotion. It can be put out there in terms of, from very mild emotions or it send a person to very intense emotions. Stress in itself is, whether it is chronic and long term or whether you experience a great deal of acute episodes of stress, it’s harmful to your body.

So, we are looking at some products today that are helpful nutritionally terms of addressing those stressors and how they affect your body. The first thing that we do is we have a patient fill-out; it’s called the identity stress assessment. It is a comprehensive two page assessment that we ask patients to fill out as thoroughly and as completely as possible. With that information, it’ll give us the best info, if you will and data to the patient towards the appropriate nutritional support products that we’re going to be talking about here today are from Metagenics. The first one I’m going to start with over here first of all is Exhilarin.

Exhilarin is more orientated towards a person who is stressed and overworked. There are persons who has a multitude of stressors is coming from all angles at them. They’re very over-taxed, over-exhausted. Typically with Exhilarin it’s helpful in terms of sustaining energy for them.

The next product I’m going to talk about is Adreset. Adreset is more orientated towards a patient who’s tired, stressed and tired. They’re so tired they’re fatigued they actually typically can have feelings, you know, being depressed. It helps in terms of giving adrenal support for those type of stressors.

The next product here is Serenagen. Serenagen is more for a patient or a person who is stressed and wired. Unlike the stress and tired, this person is stressed and wired they come home and typically a person will unwind. This person can’t unwind their mind is constantly moving it’s moving through the night they can’t unwind they lay in bed the mind continually and perpetually goes even though they are completely exhausted. Serenagen is helpful in terms of calming the mind and calming the body, so you can go through that natural rhythm of winding down throughout the course of the evening.

And the other one I’m going to be talking about is Tran-Q. Tran-Q is more for that person who’s stressed and they’re inflexible. They feel stuck in a situation, they feel stuck they’re stressed. In fact, it can actually bring on feelings of panic, and obsessive, almost recurrent thoughts about their situation. This product is very helpful, and can be helpful, in terms of quieting a restless mind and bringing things and calming that down. So there’s not all that mental chatter going on.

These products that I just talked about are more based on a more long-term basis, if you will. NuSera is more of a product that would be used  for episodes; once every couple days you have a hugely stressful moment at work, you have something going on at home, hugely stressful moment that you need something just for that moment in time. NuSera is a chewable tablet, and actually, they taste really good. They taste like a chocolate latte. Once you chew it typically within a short time frame you’ll feel a sense of calmness instead of that anxiety and that panic going on, and it’s just, it’s very calming.

Stress and Nutrition are Explained by Total Health Systems

These are just a few of the nutritional support products that we offer here at Total Health Systems. If you’re interested in taking a stress assessment test with us, please feel free to contact anyone of our three offices. Thank you.

Stress and Nutrition are Explained by Total Health Systems