Why Your Youth Athlete Needs a Sports Physical

Sports Physicals for Kids - Macomb County MIEarlier this month, we discussed the importance of an annual physical for all members of your family. These physicals are important to keeping a close eye on your health and physical well-being. There is another type of physical that you should be remembering, and for many student athletes it is mandatory for participation – the sports physical. We are watching the summer quickly turn to fall, and that means many of Macomb County’s schools are starting preseason practices, and it’s important to make sure that your student athlete is prepared.

Why is a Sports Physical Important?

The last thing that you want, as a parent, is to have your child participate in athletic activities if they aren’t healthy enough to do so. Athletic physicals are important for assessing your child’s overall health and physical ability to participate in athletic activities. Regular athletic physicals are important for limiting injury and catching health issues that may limit athletic participation before they become bigger problems.

When Should a Sports Physical Be Completed?

In order to address any concerns that may come up during the physical, we recommend that your child have a physical at least 6 weeks prior to starting preseason practices. This will allow us to follow up with any issues and complete any other screenings that may be necessary, before your child starts practice.

What Does a Sports Physical Entail?

A sports physical begins with the same things that an annual physical does. We will take your child’s height, weight, and blood pressure measurements. These factors give us a basic view of your child’s health. We will then go over your family history and get an understanding of any health concerns or medical conditions that your child may have (asthma or allergies, for instance) that may limit their participation in sports. While family history or existing conditions may not have been a factor previously for your child, it’s important that these are listed on the paperwork documenting their physical, just in case of a medical emergency.

Once we have a good understanding of your child’s basic medical history, we will do a complete examination of their body, with a strong emphasis on their head, neck, heart, lungs, and abdomen. We will also asses their strength and flexibility to ensure that their body can handle the demands of their sport. This exam will also address any previous injuries, to determine if they have healed properly and that they won’t cause further problems for your child.

What Should You Ask?

Make sure that you have a list of questions for your child’s physician if you have any concerns about their health. This is a great time to talk about growth related issues or any other concerns you may have about your child’s health and development. For many parents, the athletic physical is a great way to get their child in for their regular annual physical.

A sports physical is an important part of keeping your youth athlete healthy while participating in organized athletics. If your child needs a physical before school starts, Total Health Systems has medical professionals on staff that are ready to help. We provide traditional medical care for your whole family including wellness exams, sports physicals, and care when you are ill.

To Schedule a Sports Physical for Your Macomb County Athlete

To make an appointment for a sports physical or any of our other holistic health services, please contact one of our five Macomb County locations today.