Spring into Spring, Eat Healthy, and Increase your Activity!

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 Hello Biggest Winners!

Spring into Spring, Eat Healthy, and Increase your Activity!

Are you enjoying the warmer weather and gentle breezes of Spring? Are you getting outside for your walks, runs, biking, and workouts? Are you lifting weights to sleeping habitsstrengthen, stretching for flexibility, and doing aerobic activities to burn calories and fat, and strengthen your heart? Are you drinking plenty water, eating healthy, and staying active? Are you keeping daily track of your First Line Therapy food plan and regular activity? Remember, if you bite it – you write it, and if you do it – you track it!

Daily Sleeping Habits

Scientific studies report that sleep is essential to our mental and physical health. There are a variety of health issues that can occur by sleep deficits as small as one hour per night. Sleep deprivation can cause our immune system to go into overload, which can cause systemic inflammation,  impaired alertness, vision problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, insulin resistance type 2 diabetes, cancer, increased levels of cortisol (hormone associated with stress), increased food cravings, hunger, weight gain, muscle weakness, skin problems, and more! Recognize the importance of rest and sleep, and be sure to get plenty every day. How are your sleeping habits? If you are not getting enough sleep, now is the time to make the change to getting to bed earlier and increasing your rest and sleep!

How has your “thinking” been this week?

Remember the following words of wisdom:

  • “Positive thinking is a habit, and like any other habit, we can practice it every day until it becomes second nature to us – and along the way it transform our lives”,  (Washington L. Crowley)
  • “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so….”,  (William Shakespeare)
  • “There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart! Pursue those”, (Michael Nolan)

Positive Thinkers have a variety of Qualities in Common

  • They have confidence in themselves!
  • They are grounded, and know who they are
  • They understand their challenges as well as their strengths
  • They have a strong sense of purpose and work hard toward their goals
  • They do not have excuses for not doing something – and always try their best
  • They are open and willing to seek different paths in order to achieve their goals
  • They seek to better understand themselves and the people and world around them
  • They can accept learning from others and are open to hearing new ways to achieve success
  • They examine obstacles that have hindered in the past and set goals to get to their new destination
  • They are creative and seek, pursue, practice innovative solutions to achieve their goals and dreams
  • They understand the past is a stepping stone in life, and practice forgiveness to move on in their life
  • They understand true happiness comes from acceptance of self and other, and practice filling their hearts with love and peace

Enjoy the beauty of Spring and Get Moving!  For questions and additional information, contact Diane Delf, RN, at ddelf@totalhealthsystems.com

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