running or walkingRunning can make you healthy and happy. I am blessed to be the daughter of a runner. My dad has been a runner for as long as I can remember. (My mom ran for a short little stint in the 80’s because they came out with “cute running outfits”) Now my dad has always been the most patient person I know, however on the days he did not run you could tell. My mom would ask “you did not run today did you babe?” It’s true that running or any kind of exercise can make you happy.

Exercise releases endorphins that act as a natural drug that make you more energetic, and happier. I always feel better after a run or a workout. Even if you are not a runner, getting more physically active just by walking can give you the same effect. Running and walking can make you stronger both mentally and physically. Leaving you feeling more empowered so when challenges do come your way you are better equipped to handle them.

Working towards a goal makes people happy and self-confidant. Setting a goal to train for and complete a race is great feeling. Research shows that happiness and sense of accomplishment comes from setting the goal and then doing the training. I remember getting emotional as the Star Spangled Banner was played at the start of my first marathon. It did not matter how I did, the amazing part was that I set a goal and completed the training and was ready to give my all.

Although running and walking are usually thought off as individual sports, for many people it is very social. People need social interactions to be happy and running with friends can provide that. Whether it’s an organized running group or just you and a friend. Running or walking with a support group helps to feel connected to bigger community. You are already part of our THS community please come be a part of our group training runs in March and April.

Feeling Healthy, Happy With Running Says Clinton Township Fitness Center

If you have not signed up yet for the Let’s Move Festival of Races.  Follow this link to register. Once you are registered email your race confirmation to join Team THS. We will be giving you lots of support and some freebies for getting active!

Feeling Healthy, Happy With Running Says Clinton Township Fitness Center