richmond 5k training plan So you are thinking about the R2R 5k?! Good for you. If this is your first 5k, you could not pick a nicer course. This course is shaded, paved and flat! Here are a few tips from Laurie Nuyens, ATC, CPT, the fitness program director at Total Health Systems.

A 5k is very doable, it will challenge you but not enough to get you discouraged. It is 3.1 miles. Just so you know, 5k stands for 5000 kilometers. (We want to make sure you are up with the lingo)

It’s running across a football field 54.68 times.
It’s like running the bases 45.47 times
or running the length of a NBA basketball course 174.13 times.

Start where you are, not where you want to be, not where you think you should be, not where you were in high school. But where you are today.

If you’re starting off at square one–you’ve never run or you’ve been inactive for quite some time–give yourself eight to 12 weeks to build a base. Begin by going on a brisk walk so your body gets used to physical activity. Then progress to a walk/run.

Total Health Systems has a 10 week training plan posted on their web site to help see start slow and gradually build up. The program will build your endurance and then the last 3 weeks you will start to push your speed just a bit.


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