rachel goochAs a child, sitting in a classroom was not my ideal setting.  I could not wait for recess or gym class or better yet practice for whichever sport I was participating in that particular season.  I maintained good grades but did not excel greatly in any one subject except for my PE classes, so by the time I was ready to graduate high school I had no clue about what I should do for my future. I knew however, I wanted to do something that was not only mentally challenging, but physically as well.


I was often in the trainer’s room in high school due to a weak left ankle and also low back pain.  The trainer would tape my ankle and do some stretches with me.  I was told at that time that one of my legs was shorter than the other and could be the cause of my low back pain.  Since I was a healthy child and my low back pain did not interfere with my performance I was never exposed to the medical field.  I had no idea what a Chiropractor was, let alone a Physical Therapist.  Seeing the trainer ice and tape individuals and getting to sit on the sidelines of all types of sporting events definitely intrigued me. How short of a program to obtain a degree was also another benefiting factor.


The first year went great and I was learning so much.  I had enrolled in an athletic training class and was really enjoying it. A few weeks before the end of the course, however, my athletic training professor informed us that Athletic Trainers were being phased out and therefore being replaced by Physical Therapists.  A physical therapist degree at Central Michigan required six years of college, something that I was not really willing to commit to when I did not even know the full job description and hating sitting in the classroom.


My sister ended up taking an internship outside of the state leaving me at the university alone.  I enrolled in another year with just the university required classes to give myself some time to figure out what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the college atmosphere but was already getting sick of it after two years. Being unhappy in this one area of my life was making me miserable in many others.  I ended up moving home to be close to family again.


When I decided I would like to go back to work instead of enrolling in the local college, I got together a resume and thought I would start out slow and rethink becoming a physical therapist.  I often drove by Total Health Systems of Macomb County but never felt I needed any of the services.  However, after having a child, I was experiencing new aches and pains I never thought I would.  Instead of becoming a patient, I dropped off a resume hoping to get my foot in the door of the physical therapy department. Thankfully, Total Health Systems of Macomb County hired me as a Chiropractic Technician and I was put through the new patient process. I learned so much more about my body and the way it works than I did in any of my high school/college classes. Such as why my one leg was shorter than the other.  Turns out I was in need of a few good adjustments! I have since then come to the understanding of total body wellness and how to prevent/take of any pain I may be experiencing.


Rather than focusing on one area of wellness, it takes a team effort to keep all systems properly working for the body to perform at optimal levels. Total Health Systems not only teaches this but helps patients obtain and maintain their wellness goals. Whether you are unsure about correct eating habits, which vitamins are right for you, if you have sore muscles due to stress, or suffer from back pain, Total Health Systems of Macomb County will be able to help you!