physical therapy holistic approachAn injury, no matter how minor, can have a lasting impact on your physical and mental health and well-being. Most physicians will recommend physical therapy, heat and ice therapy, and a painkiller to help a patient recover from an injury. This traditional method works well for some patients, but may not be a successful treatment regime for everyone. Some individuals benefit from and recover better from injury using a holistic approach. Individuals who are looking for a different way to recover from injury may want to consider a program that cares for the whole body.

What is a Holistic Approach to Injury Recovery?

Many times, injury recovery is focused on the place of the injury, only. For some patients and for some injuries, a focused approach may be adequate. However, some patients struggle with recovery under the typical regime of physical therapy, heat and ice and painkillers. Patients who are struggling to recover or are finding that a repeat injury isn’t having a good response to physical therapy, may benefit from a holistic healing approach. A holistic approach utilizes the traditional methods of injury recovery and combines them with other techniques such as chiropractic care, massage, nutrition and a structured fitness routine.

How Does a Holistic Approach Work?

Holistic healing is a focus on the whole body. Often times the limitation to recovery from an injury are in underlying conditions in the body that you may not be thinking about. Joint injuries are often combined with soft tissue injuries, or are exacerbated by muscle tension around the injury. Physical therapy combined with massage and chiropractic can often move a patient successfully through their physical therapy and give extra care that assists with their injury recovery. Nutrition and continued fitness are also important to helping your body recover and return to your desired level of performance. A nutritionist and healthy eating plan while recovering from injury will supply your body with the nutrients and fuel it needs to support the body and the healing process. A continued fitness routine will keep your body strong and allow you to get back to the activities you love quicker and with less effort.

Long-Term Results

Holistic healing should leave athletes and weekend warriors with a new outlook on their total body health. Holistic healing focuses on total well-being, for the individual who desires a long-term change in fitness recovery, holistic care is the perfect answer. The aspects of holistic care: chiropractic, massage, nutrition and fitness are the keys to living a strong and healthy life. Starting this routine during injury recovery can often lead to a lifelong change in how an individual cares for their body, whether they have an injury or not. A wellness focused life is essential for not only a long, healthy life but preventing injury and improving recovery from strenuous physical activity.

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Total Health Systems of Clinton Township, Chesterfield, Washington and St. Clair Shores believes in providing a holistic approach to healing and well-being for each of our clients. If you are struggling to recover from an injury or just want to feel better every day, we can design a program just for you.

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