Physical Therapist Near Me in Clinton TwpLooking for a “physical therapist near me”? or a Physical Therapist in Clinton Twp, Michigan? Whether you have been in a car accident, had a fall or are dealing with a chronic illness, a therapist can help to improve your life. Total Health System’s physical therapy clinic can provide you with the experienced physical therapist in Clinton Township, Michigan you need.

5 Ways a Therapist Can Improve Your Life

Improve Your Strength

A primary goal of working with a therapist is often to improve one’s strength. When a patient has been in a hospital for an extended period of time, or even for a matter of days, he or she tends to become deconditioned. For a patient who is deconditioned, tasks that might have once been easy, such as sitting, standing and walking, might now be difficult. A physical therapist targets areas of your body where you might have less than optimal strength. Once these areas are identified, a therapist can give you exercises that target the areas of weakness, and consistent exercise can help you to improve your strength.

Decrease Your Pain

Physical therapist in Clinton Twp MichiganMany patients with chronic or acute pain decide to seek out a physical therapist. Seeing a therapist can be particularly useful because your therapist can assess you as an individual. With information about your medical history, knowledge of your condition and an understanding of your abilities, a therapist can recommend exercises that can help to mitigate painful symptoms. If there are certain exercises that you can’t participate in, a therapist can provide you with alternatives. Regularly practicing exercises that your therapist prescribed can often help to reduce the overall amount of pain patients experience.

Improve Balance

Balance is often something many people don’t think about on a daily basis. When you feel off balance, though, it’s hard not to notice. A lack of balance can make it difficult to perform daily tasks, and there are various reasons patients may not be able to maintain their balance. Though starting exercises when you’re unable to maintain your balance may feel scary at first, a physical therapist in Clinton Township, Michigan will safely guide you through exercises that aim to improve your level of balance. By improving your balance, you are less likely to experience a fall and can increase your level of activity.

Increase Mobility

A loss of mobility can make many patients feel as if they are losing their independence. However, with the help of one of Total Health’s physical therapists in Clinton Twp, MI, it’s often possible to increase your level of mobility. A therapist will meet you where you are and help you gain the skills that will ultimately lead to improved mobility. If a patient is bed-bound when he or she first sees a therapist, exercises may initially involve sitting on the edge of the patient’s bed. Over time, however, the therapist can help the patient sit for longer periods of time, then stand, and finally, walk. Whether you want to regain or improve your mobility, a therapist can help you meet your mobility goals.

Provide a Long-Term Solution

Physical Therapy clinic in Clinton Township MichiganRegardless of your symptoms, a physical therapist in Clinton Twp, MI can equip you with information and skills that can improve your life long-term. Unlike some treatments that only mask your symptoms for a short period of time, physical therapy is designed to help lessen or resolve your symptoms. A physical therapist can help you determine what goals are important to you, and over time, you and your therapist can work toward meeting your individual goals. Instead of temporary relief, physical therapy offers you a long-lasting opportunity to become stronger and more independent.

Working with a therapist can benefit patients with a variety of conditions and can help to improve your overall quality of life. If you’ve been searching for a “physical therapist near me” or a physical therapist in Clinton Township, Michigan, contact Total Health Systems today!

Total Health Systems Reviews

“What a blessing Total Health Systems has been to me! My chiropractor, Dr. Snyder, has been wonderful and a great help. The entire PT staff is amazing. I have not found an unfriendly or unprofessional person in the building. They are all simply fantastic. But, the best part is that my health is improving, and I’m feeling a little better each visit. And, thanks to the way the operate, I’m also leaving with knowledge and skills that will help me take care of my body better in the future.”