Physical Therapist Near Me in ChesterfieldLooking for a “physical therapist near me”? or a Physical Therapist in Chesterfield, Michigan? The main goal of a physical therapist is to help you improve your ability to function and move normally. If you’ve recently had an injury, a therapist can help you recover from the injury and build your muscles back up. If you’ve undergone a surgery, a physical therapy program can manage your recovery from the procedure and get you back up to 100%. Whatever you’re going through, at Total Health Systems in Chesterfield, MI, we’re here to help you achieve peak physical health.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

If “find a physical therapist near me” appears in your Google search history, you likely know that you need a physical therapist in Chesterfield, MI. There are several key benefits you can enjoy from obtaining physical therapy.

One of the most common uses of physical therapy is to recover from an injury. A therapist will determine the exact cause of your injury and isolate its location. They will then design a recovery and exercise program tailor-fit to your situation.  This can include both active and passive therapies. Often a comprehensive therapy regimen can help you avoid having to seek surgery with an orthopedist.

Physical Therapist in ChesterfieldSometimes joint pain presents in patients. Whether it is from an injury, an illness, or a recent surgery, the goal is to get rid of the pain as soon as possible. Manual therapy like joint manipulation can aid in mitigating or eliminating the pain. Therapeutic exercises are also a good method of reducing pain. Often passive therapy treatments such as electrical stimulation or ultrasound can aid in muscle restoration.

Another common use of physical therapy is to increase mobility. Whether you’re young or old, fit or overweight, active or inactive, mobility issues are a major problem. At Total Health systems in Chesterfield, our expert physical therapists can work with you to help develop your core and improve your ability to move and walk.

Active Physical Therapy

Active physical therapies are prescribed by your therapist and are performed by you. These are typically going to include strength, balance and flexibility training. Physical exercises are the most common active therapy you can receive. Your physical therapist in Chesterfield, MI, will train you on how to perform the exercises, then they will send you home with a training regimen to complete once or multiple times each day.

Passive Physical Therapy

Passive physical therapies are administered by your therapist and are treatments performed on you. Some common passive treatments are:

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  • Electrical stimulation. With electrical stimulation, electrodes are placed on your skin above muscles that need to be treated. Electrical impulses are then passed through these electrodes to stimulate your muscles. As these impulses hit your nervous system, they reduce the likelihood of pain signals being transmitted to the brain.
  • With ultrasound, a wand is placed on your skin above your injured muscles. Ultrasonic waves are then passed into your body. This ultrasound treatment is good at relieving acute pain.
  • Moist heat therapy. In this treatment, hot packs are applied to the injured area of your body. The heat and moisture are absorbed by your muscles which increases circulation. With the increased circulation, often the muscles will relax which relieves pain.
  • In instances of neck or lower back pain, traction can be an effective treatment. In this treatment, part of your body is immobilized while the injured area receives traction. The goal is to separate the vertebrae, discs, or joints in the injured area to decrease spinal pressure.

Find a Physical Therapist Today

If you’re looking for a physical therapist in Chesterfield, Michigan, Total Health Systems has you covered. If you have questions, you can contact us via our web form and one of our trained staff will get back to you. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, you can use our online scheduler. Reach out to us today and let us help you in your physical recovery.

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“This has been the best chiropractic office I have been to thus far. Dr. Jason has finally given me some answers as to why I’m in so much pain all of the time, while other chiropractors I have seen have not. He also takes the time to explain things when I have any questions..where as most places do a basic adjustment and send you on your way. This office really takes their time to understand how and why you are feeling the way that you do and they cater to you as an individual and they have a very holistic approach in doing so. The rest of the staff is also wonderful and are so friendly. If you’re on a tight schedule like I am and have to call last minute to make an appointment, they try their best to make it work for you so that you can get the appointment that you need. The massages I have gotten have been absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this place.”