“I have gone from tired and stressed, to energetic and enthusiastic about today and my future!!”


Libby Prill is doing very, very well, and has a great testimony to share. She is a wonderful example of the value and success of our body, mind, and spiritual approach to patient care, utilizing our First Line Therapy program, Chiropractic Care, and PT at Total Health Systems. She started with FLT August 23, 2012, with a blood pressure of 191/108, and in pain. “I feel so much better and am 27.8 pounds lighter!”, and with the assist of blood pressure medication and many lifestyle changes, her blood pressure is now under control, and she looks forward to eventually eliminating the medication completely. Great team effort to all!!


Most dramatic lifestyle change

“I eat consistently throughout the day, and now never miss breakfast. My former lifestyle consisted of running out the door every morning with a bagel and diet coke for my breakfast, which I ate on the way to work. I now have no cravings at all – amazing!  No longer have headaches from lack of caffeine, and I now take the time to cook other foods. I love olive oil now, which I use  to replace margarine and butter completely  – and love it! I actually use it on my bread instead of butter or margarine.

I love the medical food shakes and add a variety of things to spice things up, like adding orange pineapple juice to the Metagenics Ultrameal 360 vanilla medical food powder, and raspberry extract, which makes it taste like an Orange Julius. Or add 1/3 cup 100 percent pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice, and it tastes like pumpkin pie. My husband and son also enjoy the Metagenics Ultrameal medical food shakes and we all make them at night and drink them together. I have also learned to enjoy the simple Yukon gold potato, along with sweet potatoes, which I did not eat before. I look forward to eating and I feel great and love all the veggies, and do not snack at night any more. I am getting ready to join the Concord Inn so I can begin swimming and am thinking of purchasing exercise equipment for our home. I have more energy and I feel great!


Libby P.