Fill out this questionnaire, print out and bring in to any Total Health System’s location and you will receive a complementary 1/2 hour massage as a thank you for your information and time! You’ve been to Total Health Systems and we hope you’ve seen first-hand how effective a multi-specialty clinic can be! Help us share your story with the world! Has your pain been relieved? Has Total Health Systems helped you avoid surgery? How has your Total Health Experience improved your life? Whatever your experience, don’t keep it to yourself! Complete the short questionnaire below. We might just share your story with other patients, the media and/or the Total Health Systems’ website! We love to hear how we have helped improve the health, wellness and quality of life of our patients with the care you have received at Total Health Systems. Your success story could help improve the lives of others by showing how Total Health Systems has positively impacted your life.

I was having severe pain in my lower back and neck for years. I amped up my routine exercise, did yoga 1-2 days a week, and even invested in a new mattress. All of this seemed to slightly improve the pain but not entirely. Then a gym injury that resulted in severe pain in both knees and hamstring area led me to doing three months of physical therapy, 3 days a week, at a local business. As well as massage therapy once a week. Since the injury, my usual routine had come to a halt. Even the daily going up or down a flight of stairs, bike riding, running and even walking or sitting for a long period of time was painful. Towards the end of three months of PT, I felt like the pain was getting worse in one knee and improving in the other, but it wasn’t good enough. A family member is a patient at Total Health Systems and referred me to see a chiropractor. That would be my first time seeing one. I am so thankful for his referral. Just after two visits, so far, the improvement in my lower back, hamstring and especially my knees has been outstanding. I was able to actually jog most of my 5K instead of walking, which I was dreading. As well as start taking my dog for walks/jogs again. I have already suggested to a few friends to go to Total Health Systems. The improvement I have seen has been amazing, I am so happy.

Angela Demmers, Washington Twp

I finally feel that my level of pain is much better and the arthritic joint pain has improved dramatically. In addition, my stress relief is amazing.   I am constantly recommending Total Health Systems to everyone.


John D’Anna, Macomb

I’ve recovered almost 100% from my injury – including from the torn rotatory cuff surgery.  Absolutely go see them for PT and other health needs !


Doug Petz, Clinton Twp

I have sciatica nerve pain that progressed into unbearable. I could walk but never sit comfortably. I went to see my previous chiropractor and received only a small amount of relief. He did x-rays and traditional vibration heat and chiropractic adjustments. Then I went to some else who did a scan and activator tool with still no relief. Then I tried the health food store for supplements, still nothing. Finally my sister Jan sent me to Total Health Systems. It was a great combination of all therapies and I finally have almost complete relief. I will continue to come until I am totally fixed and for maintenance. Dr. Sarver and everyone else I have seen have been great. The office is thorough and caring. I had real x-rays and body fasting and explanations. I would tell my friends and family to run, not walk into Total Health Systems. You won’t be disappointed. 

Jo Conley, Berkley

Dr. Bill has taken a personal interest in my situation. He gives me a lot of information pertaining to my specific problem. I enjoy going there. The staff is friendly and willing to please.

Raymond Tucci, Chesterfield

I had back pain due to bulging discs. Due to my regular chiropractic visits I am now able to perform daily functions without excruciating pain. The care I have received has made me stop considering surgery. I would recommend THS and Dr. Jennifer Hudson without reservation to anyone that would like to feel better, even if you do not have a severe condition.

Ingrid Fryia, Sterling Heights

I suffered from back pain and headaches. Since coming to total health I have had improvement with my back issues and decrease in my headaches!! I totally have recommended Total Health Systems to friends and family because of the numerous chiropractors and massage therapists it is always convenient with my busy schedule!!

David Mroue, Macomb

I had excruciating neck and back pain. They took X-rays plus aligned my spine and alleviated the pain; now I am able to work pain-free.The best chiropractic care bar none!  

Francisco Ibarra, Grosse Pointe Woods

Chronic Lower Back Pain and Fitness and Nutrition assistance brought me to Total Health Systems.  I have far less chronic back pain and am living a healthier life style. It’s fantastic and they really care about their patients. 

Jenna Stickney, Clinton Township

I wanted to get strong. My friend recommended personal trainer Laurie. Laurie has helped me get my back stronger and my knees don’t hurts.Laurie is very knowledgeable about building muscle to strengthen you.

Diane Mazzola, Clinton Township

I have learned how to take care of my back and neck with proper stretches as opposed to self-help remedies, such as cracking my neck and back on my own which is more detrimental than beneficial.  The staff at Total Health Systems is respectful and knowledgeable. Total Health Systems does a great job about keeping appointment times.

Elizabeth, Macomb

Chiropractic therapy is one of my regular health care practices. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Sarver and Dr. Selby’s for years and they have helped me through knee rehab and cervical rehab.  It is a great holistic model for health!

Michelle Valin, Washington

T. Sarcones

For the past five years, I have had horrific back pain mainly in my lower back caused from severe bulging and herniated discs.  I went through tons of “treatments” for years such as epidural injections and was on five different pain medications per day.  Nothing helped.  I eventually became immune to the narcotics and was constantly having my dosage upped.  Being only 22, no doctor would operate on me since back surgery usually only works (if at all) for 15-20 years.  I began to feel helpless, trying to find anything or take anything that would bring relief only to become addicted to more medications.  Being a mom of twin 4 year old boys and working a full time job, there was no time to “relax and take it easy.”  I just started to accept the fact that this was my way of life.  The back pain caused severe migraine headaches daily, fatigue, unable to concentrate and mood swings that I just dealt with.  In June of 2014, now 24, I married and became pregnant with baby #3.  Now unable to take any medication, I did the only thing I could and started seeing DR. Rose at Total Health Systems for weekly adjustments even though I had tried in the past and had no success after six weeks and stopped going.  It took almost two months to start feeling some sort of relief, but I kept at it because it was this or nothing.  As the months went by, coming to Tal Health Systems became my therapy and my break in my day to relax and be pampered.  After a quick adjustment, I would lay on the traction table that would almost feel like a relaxing massage.  Now after nine solid months of getting adjustments one to two times a week, I have zero back pain, zero headaches, and zero fatigue.  Even though I’m 40 weeks pregnant, today as I write this, I feel amazing.  I tell everyone I meet about getting Chiropractic care because Total Health Systems and DR. Rose has literally changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful!

The flexibility of the appointments is the best!  THS will allow you to make same day appointments and sometimes even walk-ins.  Every person you refer, you will receive a free 30 minute massage.  They also offer everything from massages, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and fitness classes too!

What pleases me the most with Total Health Systems is that they actually care and remember you.  They care about your progress too!

Tarryn Sarcone, Casco, MI

“You Just Have to Stay With It

Weight Loss this session – 20.2 pounds Total Weight Loss since 8/29/14 – 80.6 pounds Total Inches Lost since 8/29/14 – 47.25

Weight Loss this session – 20.2 pounds
Total Weight Loss since 8/29/14 – 80.6 pounds
Total Inches Lost since 8/29/14 – 47.25

Update:  September 29, 2014, Total Health Systems has given me the knowledge and help necessary to lose 104lbs in the 11 1/2 months , thanks to Diane Delf and Michele Thom, along with Jackie Boucher.  I would tell my family and friends to make an appointment.  The staff at Total Health Systems are friendly and knowledgeable and they are always ready to help you anyway they can.  What has pleased me most in the course of my treatment are the results that I have obtained.  I never thought that I could lose over 100lbs in the length of time that I have.  I hope the “Biggest Winner ” program will continue on into 2015.  It has helped so many people, including myself, in so many ways.

This is Bob Sutton’s motto to share with everyone! Bob is an amazing man and has worked hard at making great life style changes over the last few months. Once Bob made the decision to start First Line Therapy Healthy Life Style Program, he rarely looked back at life before his lifestyle change. He has consistently chosen to meet the challenges of improving his health and wellness, step by step, day by day, week by week, and month by month.

Bob began Total Health’s First Line Therapy Program because he was interested in getting healthier, losing weight, lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, pain in his knees, and more. After learning about the First Line Therapy Program, Bob made the decision to go for it and totally committed to this healthy new lifestyle.

Here is Bob after 8 weeks into the First LineTherapy program - he had lost 15 pounds and was under 400 pounds for the first time in a long time - great job Bob!!

Here is Bob after 8 weeks into the First Line Therapy program – he had lost 15 pounds and was under 400 pounds for the first time in a long time – great job Bob!!

The food plan is easy to follow and great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is very healthy. It is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated. It is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan.

Bob committed and has met many goals and challenges, and all with the same attitude – “just stay with it”.  He also decided to join the Total Health’s Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge. He inspires everyone with his calm relaxed attitude, coming every week for his First Line Therapy appointment, and Biggest Winner Class. He drives all the way from Waterford to our Chesterfield clinic, driving through all types of snowy weather conditions, choosing to not miss an appointment or class. He is committed, is losing weight and inches, his blood sugar is going down, his blood pressure has gone done, and he has less pain in his knees, and so much more energy!


Bob Suttons

Here is Bob on 3/19/14, 66 pounds lighter, and 45.25 inches gone forever! He has more energy, less pain in his knees, and feeling so much better !!

Start Date –           8/29/13

Start Weight –       412.6 pounds

Today’s Date –       3/12/14

Today’s Weight –   346.6 pounds

Total Weight Loss –     66 pounds

Total Inches Lost –      45.25 (almost 4 feet!)

Bob states that one of his most “Dramatic Lifestyle Changes” is “better dietary choices”. He has “decreased carbohydrates and starches, especially breads, and things like Stove Top Stuffing, which we used to eat all the time”. He has increased his water intake, and now exercises several times a week at home, in addition to the group personal training he gets each week at the Biggest Winner 90 Day Challenge Wednesday Night meeting.  Great Job Bob!!

When I first came to them I could barely lift my feet off the floor without unbearable pain in my back. Now I am walking 90% better. No cane, no wheelchair, no walker nor help.

Go there it’s the best, I have ever been to!

Gladys L Alexander, Macomb, MI

When I walk out I feel so much better. The pain as been eased and my mobility has increased. It’s such a wonderful feeling 🙂 The majority of the staff is amazing and takes the time to listen to what you have to say. The hours are spectacular.

Chris, New Baltimore



Previous issues have been greatly improved. Once I found myself in pain again, I knew starting physical therapy was the answer. Very effective therapy.

Christopher Pierik, Chesterfield

Total Health Systems has helped me strengthen my lower back and core allowing me to return to my daily life. They have taught me how to properly take care of my body to reduce the chance of an injury like this occurring again. Total Health Systems does not just focus on one aspect of the body but on the body as a whole. They make sure that all aspects of the body are functioning at 100%.

Christy Medley, Macomb, MI

Lan Powell

Total Health Systems has improved my health and life in so many ways.  Before coming to Total Health Systems, I was having shoulder, hip, neck and back pain.  It was suggested that I should look into surgery in my shoulder and back.  I started chiropractic care with Dr. Bill and physical therapy.  I started improving and then was introduced to the Fitranx Fitness program at Total Health Systems.  I no longer have shoulder or neck pain.  As of right now, surgery is no longer necessary.

If you are in pain and are recommended surgery, please give Total Health Systems a chance!  I am pleased that THS offers so many different practices and programs under one roof.  With having little time to get everything done, I can schedule everything I need in one place.  It saves me travel time, wait time and it’s conveniently located.  I have recommended many people to try Total Health Systems and I have had a lot of positive feedback from them.  I am glad that I could help someone else alleviate some of their pain.  Their massage program is also affordable.

Lan Powell, New Baltimore

I was suffering from low back strain.  I decided to try chiropractic at Total Health Systems.  In just a few treatments I am able to get back to my normal routine. I have already to friends about Total Health Systems and encouraged them to give it a try.

Richard Hoffman

My chiropractor moved out of the area, and I’ve been a patient at Total Health Systems before. Plus I live close by. I’ve only had two adjustments so far, but I have had good results from both. I would recommend you to them. The chiropractic and physical therapy services are very good.

Jim T., Chesterfield

I had pain in lower back – left hip.  I came to THS for Chiropractic and Massage Therapy.  Pain is lowered/gone in my back, I have more range of motion in my neck, and I am not as moody as I was with consistent back pain.They don’t do any adjustments until x-rays are taken and they go over them with the patient. Scheduling is wonderful – they get you in when it fits your schedule, even in short notice. Dr. Rose is VERY knowledgeable and gives great advise for helpful maintenance tips. Stephanie, one of the massage therapists, does a wonderful job and really works areas that need loosening up!

Rebecca M – Macomb

I came to THS for neck pain.  I have used many of their services including chiropractic, massage therapy, medical services and physical therapy.  I have regular adjustments. My back feels better. My overall health is good. I seldom get viruses, bacterial infections, etc.  I would recommend it highly. I especially refer people to Dr. Aaron Lundgaard!

Carol V. Clinton Twp.

I had tightness in shoulders, neck, hip pain and headaches. I had Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.  I am working on controlling my physical manifestation due to stress. I no longer have hip pain. The tightness in my neck and shoulders is improving. I have recommended THS to several coworkers because Total Health Systems is very comprehensive in their program. They treat pain, stress, and discomfort from many angles, which is a system that can work for anyone.

Lynn Dawson

I went to Total Health Systems to see a Chiropractor & physical therapy.  The Chiropractor has helped with headaches and eased back pain.  Physical Therapy has reduced stiffness in my back (that is still a work in progress). Anyone thinking about going to Total Health Systems should give them a try, they’ve help me.

Cindy Hinson

I went to Total Health Systems for upper back and shoulder pain and lack of movement. I  am much more mobile and pain free than I’ve ever been. I was just accepting that I would always have back pain. Try Total Health Systems.

Bob Campbell, Macomb

Total Health Systems has improved my life!  Numbness in arms – gone. Sore neck – 90% better. Lower back pain – no problems unless doing prolonged working, lifting, raking, shoveling, etc.  I would recommend Total Health Systems!

Bob Hertel, Sterling Heights

I was having severe pain down to my hip and both of my legs which most people said was sciatica.Dr. Sarver did x-rays and started me on Chiropractic adjustments three times a week along with physical therapy 3 times a week.The therapists also showed me how to do stretching exercise at home which I now do daily.About 3-4 weeks of this schedule greatly improved the pain. I have now resumed my usual activities such as walking 2-3 miles per day.My neck pain is also better.  I would suggest that my friends and family try Total Health Systems for both leg or neck pain.What has pleased me most about Total Health Systems is their prompt, courteous treatment by the entire staff.

Joseph, Washington

Barb, Total Health Systems


This is Barb’s mantra and how she lives her life.  Day by day, week by week, moment by moment! Barb is very energetic and passionate about life, and enjoys each day. She loves to travel and spending time with family and friends, and has been retired for a number of years.

Barb began Total Health’s First Line Therapy Program because she was interested in getting healthier, increasing her energy, reducing blood pressure, and lowering cholesterol. Being the type of person that has always been interested in health and exercise, she quickly learned the food program, and committed to it full force. The food plan is easy to follow and is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated, and it is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan. First Line Therapy is great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is a very healthy way to eat and live each day.

Barb also stays active and exercises several times per week, and wears a pedometer and reaches 10,000 steps most days. Her blood work after 12 weeks on the program showed dramatic results. She plans on continuing her health and wellness program, her exercise routine, staying healthy and enjoying her family, friends, traveling, and more!


Staying focused on serving sizes and increasing her water intake

Following the First Line Therapy Program and drinking her Medical Food Shakes daily

Increased focus on her exercise program and getting 10, 000 steps in as often as possible


Before Blood Pressure – 169/100

After   Blood Pressure –  107/73

Before Cholesterol – 272

After Cholesterol – 202

Before Triglycerides – 91

After Triglycerides – 73

Before LDL – 178

After LDL – 115

Before Vit. D – 32.4

After Vit. D – 68


Weight Loss – 15.5 pounds

Inches Lost  –  18 inches

Before Body Fat – 52.6%

After   Body Fat –  44.1%

GREAT JOB BARB! For information on our First Line Therapy Program, and how to get started on improving your health, contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Wellness & Weight Loss at


Jerk Mick Lets Move Race

No other place or person has provided me with the “You Can Do it” encouragement I so desperately craved for the many challenges in my life – physical, mental, medical, and weight loss.


I signed up for “Let’s Move Macomb Festival of Races” and became part of Team Total Health. I decided nothing was going to stop me from walking my first 5k competitive race.


Believing I could do it, with “NEVER GIVE UP” in my head all the way, plus a white knight police officer named Mike that encouraged me along the way and helped me press on, I kept at it. That is what I did that day. In spite of finishing last –

I did it…WE did it! Thank you Total Health Systems, especially, Diane & Michelle. I love you guys.

Jeri Mick

This is Jeri Mick’s recent testimony of her experience at “Let’s Move Macomb Festival of Races”. Jeri is an amazing woman and worked very hard at completing her first competitive 5K race, and developing new life style choices. Jeri began Total Health System’s First Line Therapy Program because she was interested in reducing blood pressure, losing weight and inches, having more energy, and feeling stronger. Once she made that decision, she began her program with a great positive attitude and true grit! There has never been a time she has left her weekly First Line Therapy Program appointments without a smile on her face, and saying “I will give it a try”. No matter what the challenges have been, Jeri has met them head on, always willing to try to make a positive change. She works hard at meeting her goals, and does not back down when challenges come her way.

Jeri learned the First Line Therapy Program quickly, as she had always been interested in healthy and natural foods and lifestyle. The food plan is easy to follow and great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is very healthy and natural. It is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated, and it is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan. It’s based on whole foods with some supplements.

Our patients say that they feel good, have more energy, sleep better, and enjoy the food plan that has plenty of food choices. We are also insurance based for many of our patients that have one of the qualifying health indicators – high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, or high blood sugar. If you are interested in getting healthier, feeling stronger, and want more energy, give us a call!

Clinton Township Physical Therapy

This is Ron Matten’s motto to share with everyone! Ron is an amazing man and has worked hard at making some great life style changes over the last months. He is recently retired from the Air Force, and has chosen to meet the challenge of improving his health and wellness, with the same determination and discipline that are an integral part of his life. He works hard at his goals and does not back done when adversity strikes.

Ron began the Total Health’s First Line Therapy Program because he was interested in getting healthier and reducing his blood pressure. After going over the First Line Therapy program, Ron made the decision to go for it full speed. The food plan is easy to follow and great for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugars, losing weight and inches, and is very healthy. It is rich in lean meats, colorful fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy oils and nuts, and lots of water to stay well hydrated, and it is based on the American Heart Association diet and the healthy Mediterranean food plan.

Ron committed 100% and has met many goals and challenges, even with the many trips and travels he enjoys, including a Caribbean Cruise! He also made the decision to have some injuries checked out, and is very pleased with the results of his Physical Therapy at Total Health. He states “it is easier to increase my exercise now thanks to PT”. His exercise includes 5 days a week of either indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) workouts of running or elliptical, and a variety of calisthenics that would challenge anyone to a great workout. He plans on continuing his health and wellness program and exercise routine, staying healthy and feeling good, and enjoying is family, friends, traveling, and more!

I was nearly in tears the day I walked into Dr. Hudson’s office at Total Health Systems. I had a regularly scheduled chiropractic appointment, and I had brought all of my medical reports to show her. Dr. Hudson reviewed my paperwork from each of these doctors and suggested I was being misdiagnosed. She encouraged me to meet with Diane Delf, RN. What a life-changing day that was for me! Diane was confident that this was all sugar-related, and that I could lead a “normal” life once again. She introduced me to the First Line Therapy program and I’m so glad she did.

It didn’t take the first twelve weeks before I noticed my symptoms, one by one, disappearing. I slowly started feeling better, and by the time I completed the first part of the program, I was weaned off all those unnecessary medications. I learned what a sugar imbalance could do to my body and felt so relieved that I had finally found a group of people who listened to me and understood what I was going through. Luckily, I still have my good gall bladder!

I have received a great education in the area of health and fitness, specifically centering around proper nutrition and the importance of exercise. I am happily passing that information on to family and friends with a lot of lessons learned. I have a new outlook on life and a new lifestyle to go along with it. I would strongly recommend this program to anyone wanting to look great and feel great! And a special thanks to both Dr. Hudson and Diane Delf for their true support and total patient care. Life is good!”

Rachel G., Sterling Heights

Madison Delf, Total Health Systems

“I brought my 8 week old daughter, Madison Rose to see Dr. Aaron Lundgaard because she was very tense and had trouble having regular bowel movements. As she was getting her chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Lundgaard at Total Health Systems in Clinton Township, you could physically see her body relax. The weeks prior to the adjustment, we spent hours bouncing and rocking the baby, not much to soothe her. After her adjustment, she was a lot less tense and seemed more content for longer periods of time. After using the probiotics for a few days, she began to have regular bowel movements. I was very happy that I made the decision to bring her to Total Health Systems in Clinton Township.”

Rachel Delf

“I am currently six months pregnant and I suffer from lower back pain. I have been getting physical therapy and chiropractic care at Total Health Systems in Clinton Township for almost four months. If it was not for my weekly visits, I would be in a world of hurt. The physical therapy targets my specific areas of pain. It really makes a difference in my daily life. The chiropractic care adjusts my entire body which is wonderful. I also enjoy the hydrotherapy table which is very relaxing. I end up leaving the office every time feeling relaxed and realigned. Each visit is beneficial to my well-being. I highly recommend the chiropractic care and physical therapy services at Total Health Systems to anyone looking to help relax their bodies and minds. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. I am most pleased with the care and time that the chiropractors and physical therapist at Total Health Systems of Clinton Township, MI show to me. They really listen to what I tell them and they want me to get the most benefits from their services.”

Samantha Pinskey, Clinton Township

“I have always been a ball of stress. Calm on the outside, tense inwardly. I have TMJ and had been grinding my teeth so badly by the age of 19, that the dentist thought I was bulimic from the erosion , (because he said, I had the grinding pattern of a 40-50 year old.) My family has a long history of insomnia and I was restless and woke up very sore and still very tired. Also, I am a nurse and started as a transporter. My body takes a good amount of abuse at work. I had a bulged disc in my lumbar spine at 19 years old and have had trouble since. I also have carpal tunnel in both wrists. I was living daily with low back and hip pain that shot down my leg causing pain and tingling. I also had daily headaches, constantly dosing myself with Motrin. My neck, shoulders, thoracic spine and both arms and wrists were in constant pain and discomfort. I had massages often, but it only gave temporary relief and no-one could help the knots in my shoulder and thoracic spine. I also was seeing a medical doctor for my pain. That helped my headaches but little else. My sister was seeing a chiropractor where she lived so I decided to try it out. Dr. Rose at Total Health Systems in Chesterfield gave me immediate relief. Although I was sore after the first few adjustments. Still, I had that muscle tension and trouble sleeping. Dr. Rose of Total Health Systems kept suggesting physical therapy but I thought, I have no acute injury and don’t need it. Eventually I gave in and was I ever wrong! The therapy has made a significant difference in my pain as well as my tension level. I feel human again. Also, Dr. Rose suggested Benesom by Metagenics for my sleep. (I can’t have traditional sleeping pills because of a history of sleepwalking) I have not slept this well in 15-20 years. My sleep problems started as a teen. The overall experience has been life changing, just ask my family. I have recommended Total Health Systems to all my friends and family. What has pleased me most about my course of treatment and THS is the knowledge and empathy of the entire staff. All I can say is thank you!”

Jamie Scarnecchia, Macomb, MI

Ann Geister

“At 61 years old and having arthritis, I was not real hopeful that I would be able to make any healthy lifestyle changes. But after my success so far with the Total Health’s First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle Program in Clinton Township and Chesterfield, my attitude has completely changed!”

Since starting First Line Therapy Therapeutic Lifestyle program 12 weeks ago, I have made many successful lifestyle changes. I have lost 14.5 pounds, trimmed off 15.5 inches, and my blood pressure has gone from 154/101 to 127/92. I had not been able to lose weight for years, but with this program, positive changes began to happen to me. It really clicked with my decision to “step out” and believe in myself, and to have faith in God. It is all about believing. My attitude has changed so much, and I now have an even closer walk with God.

I have learned much about food and nutrition, and now make much healthier food choices. I no longer eat certain foods that are not healthy. I actually lost weight during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday. That is really something. I feel really good, and totally believe that positive things do happen. My attitude has made a great change. This was all about believing in myself, and having faith in God. I have much more energy, and feel good. In the past, my blood pressure was rising, and I did not feel really well. But now my blood pressure is lower, and I feel much better.

The weekly appointments with Diane have helped to keep me on track, and monitor my blood pressure carefully. It has really made a difference. Exercise is also a big part of the story. I work out with Laurie, and that has really helped. Professional Physical Therapy at Total Health Systems in Clinton Township and Chesterfield in Macomb County has also been a big support in teaching me to learn to take better care of myself. The entire staff at Total Health Systems and their expertise has been a great help to me to make good lifestyle changes.

This program is much different than other weight loss and health programs. It definitely helped me to identify the connection between emotions and food.

Every pound I have lost is a shedding of the old person and a renewing of the spirit.

“Try it – you will like it. There are many services and caring people at Total Health Systems in Clinton Township and Chesterfield in Macomb County. I am very pleased with my health improvement, First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program, losing 14.5 pounds and 15.5v inches, and very importantly, my lowered blood pressure.”

Ann Geister, Rochester Hills

Most dramatic lifestyle changes

“Since beginning the First Line Therapy Wellness program, I am feeling younger, healthier, and so much better! I have made a number of healthy lifestyle changes, and now eat fish and love it, and do not eat fried foods at all!. I have also decreased dairy products, which has decreased sinus drainage. The Metagenic Medical Food shakes are very filling and good, which I drink every day. I have also increased my water intake daily. I have lost 10 pounds, 10.25 inches, and my bad cholesterol has gone from 180 to 123. I have also been taking Metagenic supplements for digestive issues, which are improving daily.

I am getting younger not older! Since starting as a patient at Total Health Systems, my posture has improved and the chronic pain in my neck, lower back, and hips are gone. Chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy have kept my spine staying flexible, and my disks have not deteriorated. My physical stamina, core strength, and balance have also improved by working with personal training at Total Health.

I am pleased that all the services at Total Health are coordinated. Everyone works together for my improved health, and truly takes care of your total health needs. Having medical doctors on staff means that all services are monitored, and physical therapy, etc., can be covered by insurance. I was surprised and very pleased to find out how truly connected we all are – mind and body.

I have more energy and feel great!”.

Mary Lou David, Sterling Heights

“My cholesterol has dropped from 214 to 147 in twelve weeks on the First Line Therapeutic Lifestyle Program. My heart burn and indigestion are gone, and I have lost 15 pounds and 14 inches!

I have gone from high cholesterol, heart burn, weight gain, stomach aches, fatigue and all around unhappiness to normal cholesterol, and no longer suffer from heart burn and stomach aches, and have lost 15 pounds of weight, and over 14 inches. I no longer need to take daily cholesterol and heart burn medication, and after having my labs drawn, my doctor called me and said “Sharon, what have you been doing? Your cholesterol is now normal, and has dropped from 214 to 147!. That was one of the best phone calls ever!

The past couple years of not taking care of myself, had resulted in high cholesterol, intense heart burn and stomach aches, weight gain, fatigue, and all around unhappiness. Within 12 weeks on First Line Therapy Lifestyle Program, I have lowered my cholesterol. It is finally normal. I no longer suffer with heart burn and stomach aches. I do not take daily cholesterol and heart burn medication anymore. My weight loss has tremendously increased my energy and attitude. I am finally no longer addicted to junk food. I am cautious about what I eat by eliminating sugar and bread. I can honestly say now, I do not crave them. As Diane Delf said, “you will crave what you eat”, and that is so true! The program has given me confidence and a great sense of well being.

What would I say to family or friends who are curious about Total Health Systems? I would say Do it….it is a great program! You will become educated on how food will affect your overall health and how important it is to be aware of what you eat and how it will affect you mentally and physically. The program will work for you if you have determination and you make a true commitment to yourself to change your behavior towards food and drink. The program is not difficult. When you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, this program will work and you will be satisfied with your results. I would highly recommend this program. The medical food shakes are delicious and I look forward to having one every morning to get my day started.

What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at Total Health? Having the one on one treatments with Diane every week inspires me. We can discuss how my week went, what my struggles were, if I had any, and what is working for me. Not only is the weight loss encouraging me to stick to the program, but knowing what my vitals are doing and how my body is functioning is interesting as well. I also am very grateful and pleased that the program is covered by my health insurance plan.

Sharon Paytas, Chesterfield

“I must’ve slept funky on Monday night because when I woke up on Tuesday my neck was a little sore, nothing to cry over, just like a kink or something. Stephanie Spencer, my friend and a massage therapist from Total Health Systems in Chesterfield and Clinton Township in Macomb County came over, and we went shopping for bridesmaids dresses. Shopping in the freezing cold, with 60mph gusts and 3 kids was not the brightest thing to do. (My pain was at a 2-3)

I woke up yesterday morning and I burst out in tears. I was so stiff and so sore and I had the most horrible neck and shoulder pain I have ever felt. I felt like I had gotten in a car wreck with the worst whiplash ever. I could barely move my neck left to right and I felt like there was a thousand pound bowling ball crushing my shoulder. I had a headache, a sore throat, my jaw hurt and I felt like I was getting an earache. I was so uncomfortable and in so much pain I thought I was dying and wanted to go to the E.R. (My pain 9)

I called Stephanie and told her what was going on and she talked to a chiropractor at her work at Total Health Systems and said it sounded like I had a rib out and I should come to her work and get an adjustment. I have always been afraid of the chiropractor so I said no and she said “fine, go to the ER, have them give you a shot for the pain, OR you can come to Total Health Systems in Clinton Township or Chesterfield, MI and get an adjustment and have instant relief. I said fine and had her book an appointment for me, even though I was scared. I couldn’t drive so I had Rob take me. What I thought was going be horrible turned out to be the best thing of my life. I had x-rays where the chiropractor explained what was wrong with me in full detail. Low and behold I did pop a rib out and to fix itself and for the pain to go away could take weeks. I also have a slightly turned pelvis that is pushed forward, I have a spine that is crooked then straight then crooked again and I have things that don’t line up properly. Explaining why I have neck cramping, upper and lower back pains, and stiffness which I thought was all just of part of getting old. After the adjustment there was very little relief which the doctor said was normal. Everything cracked in my back and neck except the side of my neck that was messed up I scheduled another appointment and home I went. (Pain was still at a 6-7 but when I went to bed it was at a 7-8)

I woke up this morning and got out of bed feeling so different I had to wake my husband up. I woke up feeling 95% better than I did yesterday. The stiffness in my neck… GONE. I could turn side to side up and down just a little soreness but completely bearable and barely noticeable unless I really stretch it out. My headache, earache, jaw soreness and sore throat… GONE. Besides the main issue that I went in for there were other things that were different. The stiffness and soreness I usually have in my back and neck in the mornings were gone too!! I woke up feeling brand new. Robert said ” I really never realized just how much you do around here until you do nothing.” I laughed and said thanks and then he said “I’m serious, I knew you must’ve been in the worst pain of your life because I have never seen you unable to do anything before. Fresh off the operating table with staples and bandages, you would still be up cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids. You were slow motion, but functioning.” I started laughing and told him the world doesn’t stop when there’s something wrong with me. His response… “Well it did yesterday and I was scared. You’ve had so many surgeries that I know gave you pain, but … yesterday you looked so sad and so drained…. I’ve never seen that before, it broke my heart.”

I was hesitant, scared and nervous but the doctor was AMAZING. I was very impressed with how comfortable and at ease he made me feel.”

Danielle Sawa, Madison Heights

“Total Health Systems is a wellness center for education, exercise and enhancements. The doctors, therapists and staff are all in one accord. If it’s information about proactively taking care of my body or helping to improve a weak area, the information and a technique is taught so I can do some things at home. When I have headaches, I don’t like taking over the counter medication or prescriptions. I get an adjustment or a deep tissue massage. When I have back, neck or shoulder pain from typing, a stressful week, etc., a physical therapy session helps me to complete everyday tasks. I have told several people about the physical therapy when they tell me about their neck pain. I typically say “you have to go to my place.” Total Health Systems is great. They have nutrition support, chiropractic, all types of massage, and physical therapy. The atmosphere is nice and their friendly staff answers the phone and makes your appointment with a smile. I have also brought a friend to an evening lecture. I am most pleased with the information that I have received from Dr. Lundgaard, Dr. Huminski, Rachel (massage therapist), Laurie (personal trainer) and Rafal (physical therapist assistant). The triangle of information is consistent. The orthotics shoe inserts were an awesome suggestion by Dr. Lundgaard. I have better balance when walking. The stretches that Laurie has recommended coupled with the deep tissue massage by Rachel have helped me to continue working online and it has helped my posture. I also love the updated restrooms and the apple cider and hot chocolate! Thank you Total Health Systems.”

Angela Hatten, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Total Health Systems has definitely improved my life! I originally was referred for massage therapy because of a voice impairment. The multi-disciplinary team at Total Health Systems has resulted in referrals to chiropractic care, working out with the trainer and new orthotics. I have recovered from my voice impairment, participated in the 60 mile Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 day walk and run several ½ marathons because of the care and training I received. You won’t know the benefits until you try it. Go in for a health evaluation today. You will find improvements in the way you feel, mobility and flexibility and quality of life. The staff at Total Health Systems has managed to provide professional care in an environment that is “person centered.” I have always felt comfortable here and I know that I am well taken care of. I have been seeing Dena, my massage therapist for nearly 2 years. Each time I see her she uses techniques specific to my own needs. Dr Lundgaard has provided exceptional care in chiropractic and with other health referrals so that I could achieve many fitness and personal goals. Laurie, the athletic trainer has also been a wonderful part of my “team.” She pushed me to achieve strength I never knew I had, both physical and mental.”

Pamela Ansell, Macomb, MI

“I love Total Health Systems! I began going there because of the new patient special with the free massage and chiropractic exam that included x-rays. I was very impressed and it was affordable by someone like me with no health insurance. The massage was heavenly and the chiropractor gave me a gentle adjustment. I would definitely recommend Total Health Systems to anybody in need of the services they offer. I have done so in the past and I even received a free ½ hour massage certificate for my referral! This is a win win situation.”

C.R., Ft. Gratiot, MI

“I have spinal stenosis and scoliosis. I have had them for years. The muscles in my back were pulling against each other. I had a lot of pain and was taking two prescribed pain pills. I am now only taking one pain pill a day. The pain in my back has improved immensely. I couldn’t make our bed or stand long enough to make dinner. I would say that my back is 80% better than it was. I would not hesitate to recommend Total Health Systems to any family member or friend because I am so pleased with the service and care I have had. Everyone has been so helpful and nice to me. They worked very hard to stretch my back muscles. I am so pleased with the results. All the employees are pleasant and very efficient.”

Lois Harder, New Baltimore, MI”

“I feel much better after a massage. It helps relieve stiff muscles and aches. I like to travel and I find after sleeping in a lot of different places, a massage helps me sleep better when I am at home. Most of my family already goes to Total Health Systems. All of the massage therapists that I have seen have been very good. I have also recommended Total Health Systems to my friends.”

Laurence Kucemba, Oxford, MI

“I have had chronic back pain for over 30 years. I have been through physical therapy at several different facilities and still had back pain. With Chiropractic, physical therapy and massage, I am pretty much pain free. I come on a regular basis for adjustments and massage and this keeps me pain free. Everyone at Total Health Systems is nice and helpful. Total Health Systems works for me!”

Michelle Hicks, Macomb, MI

“When first coming to this facility, I was in pain in both my neck and lower back. After seeing Dr. Huminski twice a week for 3 weeks, my pain really subsided. I now see him once a month as part of a maintenance program. If I miss a monthly appointment, my back lets me know it! As a supplement to Dr. Huminski’s adjustments, I also have a massage from Sabrina. This massage not only feels good, it keeps my muscles from getting too tight. As a result of these two monthly appointments, my life has been pain free. I would say to a friend or family member that THS is a good place with a friendly staff to help you get your body to feel much better. The fact that I can keep doing my regular routine in life pain free has pleased me the most”.

Janice Weller

“I have gone from tired and stressed, to energetic and enthusiastic about today and my future!!”

Libby Prill is doing very, very well, and has a great testimony to share. She is a wonderful example of the value and success of our body, mind, and spiritual approach to patient care, utilizing our First Line Therapy program, Chiropractic Care, and PT at Total Health Systems. She started with FLT August 23, 2012, with a blood pressure of 191/108. At her Week Nine visit, she stated “I feel so much better and am 27.8 pounds lighter!”, and with the assist of blood pressure medication and many lifestyle changes, her blood pressure is now under control, and she looks forward to eventually eliminating the medication completely. Great team effort to all!!

Most dramatic lifestyle change

“I eat consistently throughout the day, and now never miss breakfast. My former lifestyle consisted of running out the door every morning with a bagel and diet coke for my breakfast, which I ate on the way to work. I now have no cravings at all – amazing! No longer have headaches from lack of caffeine, and I now take the time to cook other foods. I love olive oil now, which I use to replace margarine and butter completely – and love it! I actually use it on my bread instead of butter or margarine.

I love the medical food shakes and add a variety of things to spice things up, like adding orange pineapple juice to the Metagenics Ultrameal 360 vanilla medical food powder, and raspberry extract, which makes it taste like an Orange Julius. Or add 1/3 cup 100 percent pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice, and it tastes like pumpkin pie. My husband and son also enjoy the Metagenics Ultrameal medical food shakes and we all make them at night and drink them together. I have also learned to enjoy the simple Yukon gold potato, along with sweet potatoes, which I did not eat before. I look forward to eating and I feel great and love all the veggies, and do not snack at night any more. I am getting ready to join the Concord Inn so I can begin swimming and am thinking of purchasing exercise equipment for our home. I have more energy and I feel great!”

Libby P.

“The past couple years of not taking care of myself properly has resulted in high cholesterol, intense heartburn, weight gain, stomach aches, fatigue and all around unhappiness. Within 12 weeks on the First Line Therapy Program through Metagenics at Total Health Systems, I have lowered my cholesterol. It is finally normal. I no longer suffer with heartburn and stomach aches and I have lost 15 lbs. (11 lbs. of fat) and over 14 inches. I do not need to take daily cholesterol and heartburn medication anymore. My weight loss has tremendously increased my energy and attitude. I am finally no longer addicted to junk food. I am cautious about what I eat and by eliminating sugar and bread I can honestly say now, I do not crave them. As Diane Delf said, “you will crave what you eat!” and that is true! The program has given me confidence and a great sense of well-being.

I would tell my family and friends to Do IT… It is a great program. You will become educated on how food will affect your overall health and how important it is to be aware of what you eat and how it will affect you mentally and physically. The program will work for you if you have the determination and you make a true commitment to yourself to change your behavior towards food and drink. The program is not difficult. When you are ready to make a change in your lifestyle, this program will work and you will be satisfied about your results. I would highly recommend the program. The shakes are so delicious and I look forward to having one every morning to get my day started.

What has pleased me most in my course of treatment at Total Health Systems is having the one on one treatment with Diane. That inspired me. We can discuss how my week went, what my struggles were if I had any and what is working for me. Not only is the weight loss encouraging me to stick to the program, but knowing how my vitals are doing and how my body is functioning on the program is interesting as well. I also am very grateful and pleased that the program was covered by my medical insurance plan.”

Sharon Paytas, Chesterfield, MI

“Since I was in Junior High School, I’ve suffered chronic lower back pain. I’ve been to doctors and other chiropractors, but did not experience relief. This was especially troubling when I had my son because if and when my back went out, I couldn’t move, let alone lift or play with him. Since seeing Dr. Rose, my lower left back pain is extremely minimal and I haven’t had my back go out in almost a year. My quality of life is much improved as a result. I am so thankful.

Total Health Systems is a place where they really focus on your total health. Because of their wide range of services, you get customized care to meet your specific needs. All of the staff have been extremely friendly. It’s a warm and welcoming place to go!

I’ve been most pleased with the individual approach to my care. Dr. Rose always talks to me about my specific situation and recommends care to address it. I have full trust in Dr. Rose, and that is most important to have in a health care provider.

Thanks so much to Dr. Rose and the entire staff at Total Health Systems! My daily life is better because of the care you all provide.

Jennifer Wilt, Chesterfield, MI

How has Total Health Systems improved your health and/or your life?

“At 31 I had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. For two years prior I had tremendous inflammation, which took me about two hours each morning to get through the joint stiffness and the pain in my joints lasted all day, making it hard to move, let alone exercise. My Rheumatologist had me try multiple medicines and was now recommending I start injections. We have all seen these commercials on television where the side effects are a mile long, and that is when I decided I needed to try something on my own. I found a solution in Total Health Systems by starting the inflammation program. I was skeptical, as I am sure many would be, that a program like this would help my pain and inflammation, but my health was too important to not give it a try. It took about a month before I noticed a real difference, where I woke up and my joint stiffness was lessened. Each day the joint stiffness shortened and the pain throughout the day got better. The rings on my fingers and even my shoes felt looser due to the reduction in inflammation in my entire body. By the end of the twelve weeks, my inflammation went from being over two times higher than normal to normal (based on my blood work). I am still following the program, it has been twenty weeks, and I feel amazing. As an added benefit, I have lost 20 pounds and am exercising at least five times a week. Taking my health into my own hands and deciding to have Total Health Systems help me was the best thing I could have done. Total Health Systems has changed my life in the most unbelievable positive way! I would tell my family and friends to go to Total Health Systems and talk to the staff about anything they are interested in learning more about. The staff is friendly and very willing to answer any questions they would have. I am most pleased with the knowledge I have about my health now and the knowledge to know I can manage it. The amazing fact that I have almost no inflammation in my body anymore is something I cannot stop bragging about. I never thought I could control inflammation the way I am through the help of the program at Total Health Systems and now I can apply this knowledge for the rest of my life. As always, the weight loss is a great bonus too!”

Lisa Ireland, Shelby Township, MI

“I am 6 ½ months pregnant and have a lot of lower back pain. I’ve been getting adjustments and prenatal massages and it has been helping me with the pain a lot. I always feel great when I leave. Everyone is super nice. Total Health is very accommodating. There are so many benefits to going to the chiropractor while being pregnant. It has really helped me.. I would definitely recommend Total Health Systems to my friends and family. I would let them know what a great experience I’ve had there. The doctors are wonderful and really help you with all your needs. The massages are great and the fact that they offer fitness classes are a bonus! I would have to say that the accommodations that are made have pleased me the most. Being pregnant, you can’t lay on your belly. The doctors are able to adjust me on my side in a more comfortable position. The massages for pregnancy are amazing and the massage therapists make you feel comfortable. I also love that I can get an appointment any time I call. They always work to get me in. Overall, I am happy with everything! Thank you. “

Ashley Signorelli, Macomb, MI

Total Health Systems and Digifit Helped Me Lose 44 Pounds by Walt R.

“Let me start out by saying that I have battled a weight issue for many years, after trying many diets and national weight loss programs. I came across Total Health Systems near my home that advertised a “Mind, Body, and Soul” approach to health and wellness. I called and set up an appointment for an evaluation with the Nutritionist Diane to learn more about their program. Diane went very carefully through the 12 week program and explained that by changing my eating habits and exercising I would lose weight and regain a healthier lifestyle. Well as anyone knows who has attempted to lose weight I had heard it all before.

Something about this approach seemed very different now that I had a Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer for $5.00 per day; about the cost of a fancy coffee at Starbucks. I started the program on April 7th and have lost 52 lbs., an average of about 3 pounds per week. My health improved almost immediately, within 4 days the nagging cough I had was gone. Diane explained that the inflammation around my lungs was getting better because of the change in my diet. Two weeks into the nutritional phase I was introduced to Laurie the fitness trainer; She did a V02 stress test on me to calculate my present fitness level and weighed me and discussed how to approach my weight issues. Laurie suggested I get a heart rate monitor belt that would sync to my iPhone with a fitness program called Digifit. Without a doubt this is the greatest program I have ever experienced; my daily workouts are sent via e-mail every day so I get my workouts in at my convenience while reporting my progress back to my trainer who monitors my progress each day. The program is very flexible; it also allows you to customize your workouts if you’re not working with a fitness expert and will provide information on actual and predicted calories burned.

My health in general has gone from fair to very good in 5 months. I would tell a family member or friend that Total Health Systems has a very unique approach to health management; every week I see a medical doctor, and registered nurse for the weight control program. I also receive chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Rose and a tailored exercise program that is monitored by Laurie their personal trainer. This is a very comprehensive program that works. I have made great progress in a relatively short time. I credit my improvement to the care and attention that the staff provides. I have tried many times to gain control my my weight issue with little success. It wasn’t until I started the Total Health Systems program that I had the confidence that I could once and for all change my eating habits and start a path to a healthier life. I owe my health to the staff at Total Health Systems and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Testimonial from Digifit User – Walt R.

“Total Health Systems (THS) has educated and provided all the services that I needed to get myself back to health! What started out as coming in for a massage and an adjustment-has brought me to using physical therapy (which was much needed!) and seeing their on-staff MD to evaluate me to now utilizing the nutritional programs to allow me to lose weight and gain energy and true health that I was lacking. I love coming in and utilizing their “full service” facilities! I would tell others that you have to come in and have an evaluation. They are not pushy by very capable and informative on things that anyone can utilize to improve their overall health. I’m always super pleased with the staff! They are friendly and professional and always very accommodating to my needs-from the chiropractors-the physical therapist –the massage therapists and the wellness coach. They are all wonderful.

I cannot thank you enough for guiding me and getting me to the place I’m at now. I’m running in 5k’s and going to the gym 4 days a week and sleeping so much better because I’m pain free.”

Karen O’Neill, Clinton Township, MI

“Total Health Systems has been a very helpful experience to me! It’s 1-stop shopping for Chiropractic, physical Therapy, medical services and personal training. It is close to home! I have recommended Total Health Systems to both my family and friends. What has pleased me most in my course of treatment is the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. It’s awesome!”

Bryan Amara, Chesterfield, Michigan

“Total Health Systems has improved my life! As a regular patient, I have been able to do and continue to do those things I most enjoy, hiking with my dog, golfing, etc. I would tell others that Total Health Systems offers multiple services to meet their needs. I would also tell others how feeling good lets you enjoy your life! The staff at Total Health Systems is both friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to accommodate your needs.”

Gary Daniels, Chesterfield, Michigan

“I have been a patient at Total Health Systems for over 5 years. My condition was undiagnosed when I newly arrived there. Based on their initial review and several months of physical therapy with Piotr Kasprzyk and oversight by Dr. Amin, monthly, it was suggested that I get a neurological evaluation. The evaluation led to back surgery and ensuing physical and chiropractic therapy at Total Health Systems. With the assistance of a neurologist and THS, I went from a wheel chair, to a hemi-walker and finally to a cane for mobility. Today, I still use a cane and have continued receiving physical and chiropractic therapy, respectively, from Piotr Kasprzyk and Dr. Aaron Lundgaard. Both these professionals know my condition well and understand what to provide to relieve pain and maintain muscle and skeletal balance, individually. Without their expertise and continual earning about what works to help me, my health would not be as improved as it is today. If you are looking for excellent physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy services and a group of providers that will balance your personal needs as a patient with your health condition, you might want to investigate the services of Total Health Systems. What makes me most pleased in my course of treatment is that THS attempts not only to keep my health issues at the top of their concerns, but also works with my insurance and doctors’ directions to give me the best all-around services in their power. In addition, the different employees you encounter treat you with kindness, professionalism and respect.”

Diane Green, Rochester, Michigan

“Years ago, I was a skeptic, and more than that, fearful when it came to chiropractic care. Massage therapy was the thing for me and truly accomplished a lot for my well-being. After a time, my massage therapist, Shannon, noted one shoulder being noticeably higher than the other. She recommended a chiropractic evaluation. I trusted her judgment and have never regretted my decision. My initial evaluation was thoroughly done and explained to me in detail. After my first two adjustments one of my fifth grade students noted the wonderful mood I had been in all week. She was right. I had not felt particularly positive at school that year and cannot attribute that change to anything but being adjusted. Total Health Systems’ level of professional care, both massage and chiropractic, has improved my overall feelings of well-being. After a massage and adjustment, I walk out with a feeling of aaahhh. Last fall I was in a car accident in which my car was totaled. The back pain began a few weeks after the accident and was so intense I could not sit up in bed. I found ways to get myself up. Currently, I am in treatment for this pain and am finding great relief in the work being done on me by Dr. Hudson. Her hands and knowledge have worked on all the right spots and I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”


“My career is accounting/finance in the Air National Guard at Selfridge ANGB, MI. In order to meet requirements, I must pass a physical training test once per year. The test includes a 1 1/2 mile run, push ups, sit ups, and waist measurement with minimums for each. If I fail my test due to health reasons, I could be forced separated from the military with a medical discharge. I was diagnosed with a degenerative back problem in early 2010. This problem has caused me to have chronic low back pain. For most of the time, I have had pain in my legs preventing me from standing or walking for long periods. Slowly, my body was de-conditioning, worsening my symptoms. I felt my career was over. I started looking into medical retirement, disability benefits, etc. I started looking into surgery. Just before my appointment to see the surgeon, a fellow co-worker introduced me to Total Health Systems. I thought it was worth a try although I did not have high hopes. I had already tried physical therapy with minimum results. Even though my back pain improved, I was in no shape to pass a mandatory physical assessment for the Air Force. When I arrived at Total Health Systems, my back was hurting bad. I was introduced to Dr. Lundgaard and he immediately impressed me with his optimistic nature. I was also impressed with the technology of Total Health Systems. I had ex-rays my first visit and was able to see detailed pictures of them. Dr Lundgaard pointed out some misalignments in my spine as well as other issues. He felt confident that Total Health Systems could help me with my pain. In addition help me pass my physical training test for the Air Force. At the time, I was only 3 months away from test time. An added bonus was Dr Lundgaard felt he could help me with my headache problems. I have had headaches my whole life. My headaches would come 2 to 4 times a week. I had doubts that my back or headache problems would be helped at all. But, I started the program and sticking with a schedule of3 visits per week. The first adjustment by Dr Lundgaard gave me immediate relief. It was like pressure was released in my back. Physical therapists started working on my back and neck. Some of these sessions have been painful or ticklish but have ended up addressing some issues causing my back pain and headaches. The therapists would work me out in the gymnasium only to what they felt my back could handle. Each visit would focus on either therapeutic massage, physical training and stretching, whichever was most needed. The best part of all this is I always had someone working with me one on one. I eventually started running. First for 3 minutes. I was exhausted and embarrassed. Then, worked up to 6 minutes, a mile, a 1 1/4 mile, a 1 1/2 mile. They have taught me exercises I can do at home to keep my back strong. I am able to run now and not have pain. I cannot forget to mention that I have almost no headaches anymore. I do not know how long all this will last, but I feel I owe Total Health Systems a big thank you for giving me my career back. Also, another thank you for giving me myself back. My current job is working customer service in a finance office in the Air Force. Since, I started having back problems, I have met many people who have similar problems. A conversation usually goes this way. The individual explains they are incapacitated or have a health problem and or back problem. I ask them if their back problem is L5? They usually respond with an emphatic YES but sometimes have more issues going on. They usually mention physical therapy or surgery. So, I reach for a Total Health Systems card and tell them to call. I explain how Total Health Systems have helped me keep my career going with little to no pain. After that, I am certain they will make that phone call. What has pleased me most in the course of my treatment was the professionalism of everyone working at Total Health Systems. Everyone is exceptionally pleasant, helpful, and fun to talk to. The people really make the experience pleasant. I have never felt it to be a chore going for treatment. Also, I am pleased with the results for why I called Total Health Systems in the first place. Chiropractic is a word that is scary if you do not know what it is about. I was naive about it. I thought it to be risky, dangerous, and all those things. 1 must say, it is not what I imagined. It is a life saver. Total Health Systems will get your spine in proper alignment. You will be standing straighter then ever before with less pain. If you are having pain of any kind, especially if it affects your career, pick up the phone and call. It is worth it. Another note is f have never had a problem with changing my schedule. The customer service team is great. I have always been greeted with smiles. After a long day at work, I look forward to Total Health Systems. They are even open on Saturdays which is a nice bonus. l have mentioned Dr. Lundgaard throughout this testimonial. He is who l was referred to and he is great!! Another note is that Total Health Systems have many trained Chiropractors. Even if you are referred to a specific chiropractor, any chiropractor at Total Health Systems will give you your necessary adjustments. Total Health Systems is a team effort.”

Bradley Miles, Macomb, MI

“When I first came to Total Health Systems, I was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I was new to the area and I was nervous about going to a new doctor. The staff at Total Health Systems was very friendly and really seemed to care about my health and getting me better. It was nice to be able to come to one facility to receive my chiropractic and physical therapy Soon I was fee ling better, I was walking without pain and I was able to return to all of my activities. I have stayed with Total Health Systems and I have always been treated with the greatest of care. I recommend them to everyone I know. You have to try Total Health Systems. They are different than any other facility I have ever been to. They are very caring and friendly and I have never felt better! I always feel like I am going to a friend’s house when I visit. Everyone is always very professional but they also make you feel comfortable. It is a very calm and inviting atmosphere. I have always been very pleased with all of the care I have received here. Everyone is so friendly and caring. I also like the “one stop shopping” I can see my doctor, nutritionist, and the personal trainer all in one visit”!

Kathy Parrott, Roseville, MI

“Because Total Health Systems considers the total person, I’ve experienced many facets of their services. I began with their medical doctor and a script for physical therapy, continued on with chiropractic care, personal training and weight loss program. Each professional demonstrated remarkable expertise and commitment to my wellness. My lower back pain has been significantly healed. I am stronger and have gotten my zest for life. If you are looking for a total approach to wellness, give Total Health Systems a call. Dr. Lundgaard’s leadership and concern for each patient’s wellness has pleased me the most in my course of treatment. The front desk staff have always been both personable band very professional.”

Roberta Pall, Clinton Township, MI

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am at the results I have been experiencing at Total Health Systems! I started at the end of March 2011 with Dr. Jennifer Hudson and Rafal Borowy. What dedicated people they are. When I came in at the end of March, I couldn’t stand, even using a walker for more than 5 minutes at a time. Going shopping for 10 or 15 minutes left me with pain so bad that I could hardly wait to get back to my car. After seeing Dr. Jen and Rafal three times a week, I am almost free of pain. Gradually, I have been able to increase walking to the point last week that I actually walked using a walker on the rail on Metropolitan Parkway from Garfield to Moravian. I was tired when I came back, but I experienced no pain.

I have told others how beneficial Total Health Systems is, and that I am a firm believer in going to a good chiropractor. I also tell others that I will never let myself stay away so long from getting the benefit again. I live alone. It is very important to me to be independent. Now, I know that it is possible for me to continue to take care of myself. In the past, I did have good results going to Total Health Systems, but for some reason I stopped going. This was a mistake on my part. I gradually became more and more disabled. Now, after almost two months, I feel that I am getting a more active life back.”

Eleanor Tocco, Clinton Township, MI

“Total Health Systems has done wonders for me! When I first came to Total Health Systems, my back and right side was in an acute stage. I could barely walk or pick my feet up from the floor without holding my back to do so. I had to use both hands to hold my back to move. I had done something to my back while caring for an invalid uncle. Through the loving professional care of a wonderful staff, my life medically changed. A positive impact is an understatement to say the least. Now I am able to do so much for myself.

If you want service that lives up to its name, then go to Total Health Systems, where your body, mind and soul is cared for! The staff is never too busy to answer questions concerning you. They give smiles that brighten your day, greet you and service your needs on every visit. I wouldn’t go anyplace else. The complete service is there. The best Chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy and good advice!”

Gladys Alexander, Macomb, MI

“The team approach between Chiropractic care, Biomeridian nutritional testing, follow-up personal training, and the First Line Therapy program allowed me to focus on my whole self from the inside out. As a result, I’ve experienced a decrease in stress, better memory and concentration, holding personal boundaries, and an increase in prayer and faith life. I laugh more, enjoy life more, and I have made some changes as to how I look at food. Although this is still a process, I’m waving through with Diane Delf,RN, Director of weight loss management.

Wherever you are in your life, a seasoned athlete, a person who has struggled with their weight all their life or someone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, Total Health Systems has what it takes to help you reach your goals. What has pleased me most about my course of treatment was the fact that I no longer have heart palpitations, I have reduced my intake of fatty foods, I sleep better, I keep consistency with my physical therapy appointments, and I am more proactive with a healthy lifestyle. Total Health Systems has been a blessing to my life.”

Kari Mason, Washington Township, MI

“The weight loss program is excellent. I have lost 36 pounds in 15 weeks. The last time I weighed this weight was a decade ago. I found the weight loss program to be informative and learned a lot about maintaining metabolism and staying out of starvation mode. I am eating more often and at appropriate amounts. I also find the diet to be satisfying. I have more energy and focus at work. I see the world in a better light instead of through a cloud of depression. The staff really know what they are doing. They are friendly and courteous. They can take care of all your medical needs in one place! The staff encourages you every step of the way even when you may go off track. They help steer you back in the right direction with positive feedback. Thank you for my better quality of life!”

Dennis Frazee, Chesterfield, MI

Total Health Systems has given me a more positive outlook on weight control. The chiropractic and physical therapy has helped improve my back pain. The nutrition plan is helping me learn to eat more healthy and lose weight. I would tell my friends and family that Total Health Systems is a good multi-specialty clinic for all of their health care needs. The staff is always positive and up-beat. I feel better now than before I came here. My friend told me that I looked healthier since I’ve been on the nutrition program. My skin color is better.”

Herbert Allen, Clinton Township, MI


My back was hurt in May of 2013. The kind of pain that I was experiencing was beyond most thresholds or tolerance. Within 2 weeks, Dr. Hudson had me back to most normal routines which was great. Also, the entire staff has been great and go the extra mile to help you get better. Total Health Systems is staffed by professional people who care about you and your progress. What has pleased me most about my course of treatment is the integrity of the staff and my overall back pain improvement. Plus, their flexability to schedule appointments has been great. Dr Jennifer Hudson always takes the time to listen to me but also tells me what I may or may not want to hear. I wish that my insurance had as much compassion towards individual care as Total Health!

Lloyd, Romeo, MI