As a patient or potential patient, are you aware of our Passport to Health? Total Health Systems Passport to Health Program Booklet enables patients to earn rewards for utilizing different services in our offices.

You will get stamps in your passport booklet for services that you have received. Fill up any page with stamps, and you receive a VIP Total Wellness package! With every page you complete, you can earn another VIP package!passport to health

If you complete 4 pages in your passport, you start receiving permanent discounts as you work your way from bronze level (4 pages completed) to Platinum level (7 pages completed). Pages include: Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Massage, First Line Therapy, Nutrition, Referrals, Fitness, and Lifestyle.

Once you earn a level, as long as you have ongoing care at our facility (Any one service every 60 days) you maintain your status and level! For a patient to maintain VIP travel rewards status, they must be an active participant and patient at our facility (A visit or product purchase must have been made at one of our facilities within the last 60 days.)

Massage clients have many opportunities to earn massages throughout the year. There are several ways for a massage client to earn free massages. If you refer someone to our facility you will receive a 1/2 hour massage. Also, If you earn 6 stamps under massage, you will receive the VIP Total Wellness Package, which includes a 1 hour massage.

Another page that is easy to earn is our lifestyle page. Doing community service or volunteer work for 2 hours earn you a stamp in this page, along with liking each of our social media pages. You just need to provide the front desk with proof of these activities to earn your stamps! Other options include attending one of our free lectures or documenting an ergonomic change you made to your work or home setting, or purchasing an ergonomic aid from our office(pillow, foam roller, etc)

If you have more questions about this programming, please ask the front desk and get started on this awesome rewards program in the New Year!