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Total Health Systems offers TRX suspension training for our patients and clients. Suspension simply means that either the user’s hands or feet are supported by the TRX system and the other end of the body is in contact with the ground. The TRX is a highly functional training tool that is being used around the world for the treatment and prevention for muscluloskeletal injuries or disabilities and to improve fitness and performance.

trx suspension training

We use the TRX to support movement; meaning the TRX will help you or assist you in movement. The TRX can also unload the body to encourage mobility and stretching. Unloading the body also allows one to perform partial weight bearing exercises. We also can use the TRX to load movement, which helps rehabilitate muscular injuries improve physical fitness and prevent injuries.

Traditional weight training exercise typically involve sitting, or lying positions with free weights or machines. In this environment you can only move in one plane of motion which is not how we move in the everyday life or how we move during any sport. The TRX suspension training systems allows for you to move in all planes of motion and easily vary the resistance and the stability.

The TRX suspension training systems is safe and effective for all fitness levels and ages.

Safe for older adults: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reviewed research and says TRX Suspension Training is a safe and effective exercise modality for older adults that were deemed at risk for an accidental fall.

Great for Injury Prevention: Research shows that exercise programs incorporating instability exercises were effective in reducing the risk of lower limb injuries by 39%, acute knee injuries by 54%, ankle sprain injuries by 50% and upper limb injuries (Hubscher, Zech, Pfeifer, Hansel, Vogt, & Banzer, 2010).

Improves overall health and fitness : TRX Suspension Training meets the Surgeon General’s guidelines for moderate physical activity (Dudgeon, Aartun, Herrin, Thomas, & Scheet, 2010) (Scheett, Aartun, Thomas, Herrin, & Dudgeon, 2010) and can be used as part of a clinical fitness program to promote weight loss and reduce disease risk, improving one’s quality of life and decreasing the long term costs of health care.

Many of our patients enjoy the TRX exercises so much they have purchased their own system for home. With the instruction from our trained staff you can be confident that you are getting the most from your workouts as you work towards your goals. You can purchase your own TRX from our web site just click the “Shop” tab and click “Buy TRX”

Total Health Systems Demonstrates the TRX System