training sessions
Individual training studios in an intimate environment for one-on-one,  partner, and small group exercise training programs.

Personal Training sessions are 55 minutes, and are individualized for each client to meet their personal needs and goals. Sessions can be one-on-one, partners,  or in a small group. Our personal studios allow us to be exceptionally productive and efficient with the use of the fitness tools available to us and our clients.

Before starting private training sessions, One To One clients receive a complete fitness evaluation that measures body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, movement analysis, and sport specific tests.

We will then design a client’s personal training sessions and program based on their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this, we can customize cardiovascular, nutritional, balance, and stretching programs for the client.

Intro to Fitness Package:  $150

This package is designed to give people an economical and safe way to start an exercise program.  This package includes your initial assessment, 3 week cardio program, 3 one-on-one personal training sessions and unlimited emails with your trainer.  You will have cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, core strength, body movement screening and body fat assessed.  Together we will come up with a realistic schedule for you to adhere to.  Our goal is for you to feel comfortable with 3 different workouts that you can perform safely on your own.

Endurance & Cardiovascular Training Packages

Whether you are training for an event or doing cardio for the health of it.  Many people waste a lot of time doing inefficient ineffective cardio.  Some people go too hard too often, or go too easy to often or just do the same thing day after day after day.  If  you have wanted to train for an event but don’t know where to start, this is the program for you.  Your training program will be based on what you like and what you have available to you.   Your training program will be emailed to you shortly after your initial session.

  • Heart Rate Monitor is highly recommended but not required.
  • 12 week Cardio Training program:  $90, includes initial assessment.
  • 6 week Cardio Training Program:  $50., includes initial assessment.
  • If you would like to add additional one-on-one personal training sessions:  $50 a session

One 2 One Individual Training

Core Training

At One To One Fitness, we define core Training as establishing a strong base of support through the core stabilizers – front abdominal muscles and back par spinal muscles – as well as the hip musculature (the hip flexor and internal and lateral rotators of the hip). Before, during, and after each session we concentrate on developing these muscles.

Sports Specific Training

Our sports specific training program is unique, and with this type of training we tend to put a bigger emphasis on accomplishing sport specific tasks with improved efficiency. Most of our athletes understand the demands on taking their athletic abilities to the next level, and therefore we use the athlete’s strengths to aid in developing their weaknesses.  There is also a focus on injury prevention to make sure we keep you in the game, not on the sidelines.

Body Building, Fitness, and Figure

Training for a bodybuilding or fitness and figure competition is very intense. Our trainers can educate, inspire, and motivate clients to learn the nutritional, preparatory, posing, and physical and mental aspects associated with the sport.

Rehabilitation / Pre-habilitation

Rehabilitation training focuses on the importance of improved joint range of motion, decreasing pain, safe technique, and return to normal function.  This is done under the direction of our staff physicians and physical therapists, but implemented by our training staff.

Pre-habilitation encompasses preparing the body for major and minor surgery.  The program focuses on strength and balance of the muscles involved after the surgical procedure to ensure more rapid recovery.

Kids Fitness

Our kids program is exciting and educational! Kids get to learn the basic techniques to body weight training, speed and agility, and an introduction to weight lifting. Important concepts on nutrition, fitness, and safety are the focus.


One to one training sessions (1-15): $60-$70

One to one training sessions (16-35): $50-$60

One to one training sessions (36 or more):$40-$50

Partner training sessions (1-15): $80-$90

Partner training sessions (16-35): $70-$80

Partner training sessions (36 or more):$60-$70

Three Part Plan

One size does not fit all. Together with your trainer you will develop a reasonable plan that works for you.  Your plan includes:

Cardio : Cardio is the “heart” of your fitness program. Your personalized cardio workouts will be emailed to you daily.

Nutrition : Knowing how many calories is just part of the solution. We know that 1200 calories from Twinkies is not as good for you as 1200 calories of healthy natural food.

Strength Training: is one of the best ways to raise your metabolism, and give you the energy and look that you want.  Working with a personal trainer is the safest, most effective and fun way to achieve you strength training goals. All RMR, EMR testing and retesting are included in 36 session packages.