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Total Health Systems has been offering one on one fitness training since 2009. It is a nice stepping stone for our patients as they “graduate” from physical therapy.  Others tell us they like the semi private space that our gym space offers.  Each location has 1 – 2 trainers that are available to see clients on an individual basis.  Personal trainers are available before and after normal office hours.

Each client begins by having a fitness consultation with a trainer.  The trainer finds out about the clients health history, exercise history and current goals. Beginning measurements of mobility, strength, and endurance are taken.  Using all this information, time commitment and budget, the client and the trainer will come up with a realistic plan that meets the clients needs.  We have a number of clients will do a hybrid of one on one fitness training and group training.

Most of our one on one fitness training plans include 3 parts, cardio, nutrition and strength training.

For clients that purchase a 36 sessions package, a resting and exercise metabolic test is included.  We use the information to help put together a cardio and nutrition plan together. (see information about Metabolic testing for information)

Our trainers have a number of specialties and certifications including the following.

Senior Fitness- Many seniors realize the importance of staying active it order enjoy retirement and maintain independence.  It’s important to work with a trainers who understands the uniques needs of seniors.  Seniors workouts include fall presentation work, reaction time training, strengthening exercises, and we can’t forget the brain, so we throw in some brain games for an added challenge and fun.

Core Training- Being that we work with so many of our chiropractic patients our trainers have a deeper understanding of the core and how it works and why it doesn’t work that well after an injury.

Sport Specific Training- Are you looking to improve your performance for a specific sport.  We have a trainer to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to improve your running speed, or jump shot, we can help.

Rehab and Pre-rehab – If you are looking to gain strength before or after an orthopedic surgery or injury.  Our trainers can help, and we might even be able to get it covered by medical insurance.

Prices vary, we can find a program that matches your needs and budget.   Call to set up a Fitness Consultation today.

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FitRanx is designed to help take away the most common excuses we hear to working out. “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford a trainer” “I don’t know what to do” “I’m just not motivated”. If any of those sound like you it’s time to make a change, what you are doing is not working. Let’s get you moving forward by getting involved in this revolutionary fitness system. FitRanx is a 30 minute full body workout. We use equipment such as kettle bells, dumb bells, barbells, medicine balls, ropes, tires, and of course your own body weight.

FitRanx sessions are kept small so your trainer can monitor you and modify the workout for you if needed. Each session has 6 people. Because 6 of you are sharing the cost of the trainer, it is significantly more affordable that traditional one on one fitness sessions.

You are placed with people of similar fitness levels. Everyone enters the program as a level 0 but when you and your trainer feel you are ready you to “level up” we have you complete very specific workout on “level up day”. You do this with others that are also ready to move up. It’s a very fun and motivating day!

suspension training

Total Health Systems offers TRX suspension training for our patients and clients. Suspension simply means that either the user’s hands or feet are supported by the TRX system and the other end of the body is in contact with the ground. The TRX is a highly functional training tool that is being used around the world for the treatment and prevention for muscluloskeletal injuries or disabilities and to improve fitness and performance.


We use the TRX to support movement; meaning the TRX will help you or assist you in movement. The TRX can also unload the body to encourage mobility and stretching. Unloading the body also allows one to perform partial weight bearing exercises. We also can use the TRX to load movement, which helps rehabilitate muscular injuries improve physical fitness and prevent injuries.

Traditional weight training exercise typically involve sitting, or lying positions with free weights or machines. In this environment you can only move in one plane of motion which is not how we move in the everyday life or how we move during any sport. The TRX suspension training systems allows for you to move in all planes of motion and easily vary the resistance and the stability.

The TRX suspension training systems is safe and effective for all fitness levels and ages.

Safe for older adults: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) reviewed research and says TRX Suspension Training is a safe and effective exercise modality for older adults that were deemed at risk for an accidental fall.

Great for Injury Prevention: Research shows that exercise programs incorporating instability exercises were effective in reducing the risk of lower limb injuries by 39%, acute knee injuries by 54%, ankle sprain injuries by 50% and upper limb injuries (Hubscher, Zech, Pfeifer, Hansel, Vogt, & Banzer, 2010).

Improves overall health and fitness : TRX Suspension Training meets the Surgeon General’s guidelines for moderate physical activity (Dudgeon, Aartun, Herrin, Thomas, & Scheet, 2010) (Scheett, Aartun, Thomas, Herrin, & Dudgeon, 2010) and can be used as part of a clinical fitness program to promote weight loss and reduce disease risk, improving one’s quality of life and decreasing the long term costs of health care.

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Knockout Conditioning

Knockout Conditioning is a fun, energetic kickboxing class suitable for all fitness levels. It will get beginners into shape and challenge the more advanced athlete. The class integrated combinations of punches, kicks cardio bursts, and partner sparring work. This blend of intense intervals, strength and endurance training is guaranteed to make you sweat, burn a ton of calories and have you coming back for more.

Please bring a towel, water and good supportive shoes.



Pilates Plus

Pilates Plus is a fusion of Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. It involves low impact movements and poses that safely tone, lift and transform your body. This class will lengthen, strengthen and stretch from head to toe.

Bring a towel, water and positive energy. Participants are encouraged to bring your own set of 1,2 or 3 pound hand weights. We have just a few sets at the clinic so please bring your own or even soup cans. Your bare feet are welcome or you can bring yoga socks. THS does have a limited number of Yoga mats available but you are welcome to bring your own mat. Any other equipment required will be provided.

Exercise Metabolic Testing  and 12 week cardio plan.


Many people are inefficient exercisers, with no understanding of what heart rate, intensity or duration would best help them reach their specific goals such as fat burning, endurance training, or cardio conditioning.

Completing the exercise metabolic testing allows your to know your target heart rates zones based of your current fitness level not a generalized equation.

The test itself takes about 6 to 15 minutes.  You will be walking on the treadmill, or if you are a runner you will be running on the treadmill.  (if you are not sure we will talk more about it and you and I will decide together the best way to perform your assessment.) You will be breathing thru a mask. The mask will be connected to an analyzer which will analyze your exhaled air.

From the test we will determine at the highest heart rate that you are still utilizing a good percentage of fat. This number is known as your aerobic base or aerobic threshold.  Your aerobic base is likely higher than what the “fat burn” program on your favorite cardio equipment would have you work at. Knowing this number allows you to take advantage of that.

We will also determine at what heart rate your body is burning 100% carbohydrates.  This heart rate is known as your anaerobic threshold.  This is where you can no longer use fat as fuel, but your burn a lot of calories and working here helps to improve heart and lung function.

Both of these numbers are important and one should not work out too much at either end of the range.  Most people spend too much time working at low intensity or too much time working at high intensity.  In order to find an effective, doable life long cardio plan you must create balance in your workouts with both your aerobic base and anaerobic threshold.

After completing the assessment you and I will determine a 12 week cardio program that is right for you.  The workouts will tell what heart rates to exercise at for how long.  Clients really enjoy having a plan to follow are are amazed to see changes in as little as  4 weeks.