There is one more group training run leaving from Chesterfield on Saturday. NEW TIME 9:00 am 

The new time allows you to simulate race morning conditions a little bit more. Eat the breakfast you think you will eat on race morning. Drink what you think you will drink on race morning. If anything is going to give you an issue it’s much better to find out this weekend than next weekend.


Wear your TEAM THS tee shirt.


Everyone should have received an email in regards to your tee shirt and where you could pick it up. (if you are not sure where your shirt is send Laurie an email, Make sure you run at least one training run in your tee-shirt before race day. This is just to make sure it’s comfortable and not chaffing you anywhere.

These tee-shirts are moisture wicking so it’s recommended that you use sport wash detergent. This helps keep the shirt like new and can prevent the moisture wicking material from getting clogged up, causing odors.

Race Prep Seminar Tuesday April 24 7:15 pm Garfield

If this is your first race and /or you are feeling unsure about race day procedures then this seminar is for you.


We will talk about: packet pick up race chips

what to do the night before, and the morning of the race what to wear

race strategy race bandits aid stations

wearing headphones

and any other topics you may have questions about.


Pre Race Picture of TEAM THS

We would like to meet for a TEAM THS picture prior to the race. More details will be emailed later in the week and will be included in our final weekly newsletter.








Half Marathon Group Runs on Sundays!


Half Marathoner’s your runs are getting longer if you would like some company try hooking up with others for you long runs. Email Marisa for information on Sunday long runs.


Weekly Running Tip

Don’t make these common pre-race diet mistakes

You have spent the last month or more training for this event next week. Hopefully as you have become more active and committed to your goal there has been some carryover into your diet choices. A lot of runners tend to make take diet choices to extremes, not eating enough, eating too much, drinking too much, eating foods that lead to the double D, Digestive Disaster.  Let’s

make sure you are doing the right things to ensure your best performance.


Don’t eat the whole box of Pasta the night before


First of all for a 5k race, you don’t need to “carb load”. So if you were looking for an excuse to eats all your favorite breads and pastas a 5k is not it. Sorry.  Half-marathoners you can afford to increase your carbs a little bit the week of the race. Beware of eating too much, specially the night before the race. Too much can lead to digestive problems during the race leaving you looking for the porta potty each mile. Try consuming moderate qualities of carbs several days prior.


– Baron Hansen

“Life is short… running makes it seem longer.”


Don’t drink gallons of water the morning of the race.

Chugging too much water before leaving for the race or while waiting around for the race to start will not only make you feel bloated but it will also dilute your electrolytes. Electrolytes are important for muscle contraction. When electrolytes are diluted by too much H20 you can have muscle weakness, cramping or in extreme cases death. (you have heard about people dying near the the end of a marathon, sometimes this is the cause).



It is recommended to drink 16 oz of water 2 – 3 hours before the start of the race. If you are not up this early, try just 8 oz. Then try drinking a just a cup or two right before the gun goes off.


Make fiber a normal part of diet, don’t add it before a race.


Hopefully you make vegetables, beans and whole grains part of your regular diet. But if you don’t, now is not the time add high fiber food.  Loading up can cause uncomfortable gas.


No Skipping Breakfast


Hopefully you have done a few training runs in the morning with your normal breakfast and you know how your body handles it. Don’t skip breakfast because you feel anxious, without food you are likely to bonk.  Pre Race meals keep your blood sugar steady and provides you with energy.


If you know you are just too nervous to eat before a race,wake up early enough that you can slowly eat breakfast. Let each bite settle before taking another. Another option is try a smoothie make with fruit and milk or yogurt. (for a little protein, add peanut butter too if you like)


Don’t try anything new

Don’t try anything new the night before the race. You may get to a race and notice what seems like EVERYONE taking a Gu or energy packet before the race. If do not normally do this, now is not the time to start.


Confirm what type of sports drink the race will be providing. Make sure you have training with is at least once without any issues. If not bring the sports drink you are accustomed to or just stick with water.  We will POWERADE ZERO the Lets Move race.