Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Do you suffer from Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)?  Do you feel pain, numbness, tingling, burning or other uncomfortable sensations in your feet, legs, hands and/or arms?  If so, understand that you are not alone!  PN is an extremely common condition affecting over 20 million people in the USA alone.  You should also know that you can probably make significant improvements in your Neuropathy!  This article will explain the three keys to doing just that.Peripheral neuropathy treatment

  1. Good nutrition is absolutely essential for the health and proper functioning of your nerves.  Diabetes which is the most common cause of neuropathy is primarily driven by our diet.  Alcoholism, vitamin deficiencies, and autoimmune conditions are other common causes of neuropathy that can result from what we eat and drink.

Peripheral Neuropathy TreatmentCutting out refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, candy, etc.) and alcohol, consuming a lot of ‘above ground’ vegetables (Spinach, Cauliflower, Kale etc.) and drinking plenty of water is a great start for most people.   Also, taking the right supplements that help to lower blood sugar levels and provide optimal amounts of Methylcobalamin (most bio absorbable version of Vitamin B12, B12 is the most common vitamin deficiency causing neuropathy) is a great thing to do.  When you combine a healthy diet with the right supplements you will shift your physiology from one that is toxic to your nerves to one that is nourishing and rejuvenating your nerves.

  1. Exercise!  When you do the right types of exercise you will improve your balance, reduce your pain, lose weight, boost your immune system and do so many other wonderful things for your health.

Aerobic exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system and creates more blood vessels throughout your body.  This allows for much better circulation to your nerves that are suffering.  Strength training helps to reduce pain.  Stretching helps to reduce the stiffness in the muscles and joints that perpetuate a neuropathy.  Balance training obviously improves balance and rewires the nerves for better coordination and less pain.

  1. Utilize the right types of therapies for your neuropathy.  Infrared heat can improve circulation to your nerves, TENS units andNeuropathy Handvibration machines can stimulate your nerves so that they hurt less, Chiropractic adjustments can relieve a compressed nerve, Epsom Salt baths can reduce muscular tension, and many other forms of therapy can help in other unique ways.  Understanding what’s causing your neuropathy is definitely the first step to identifying what types of therapies are most likely going to help you with your neuropathy.


Total Health Systems has Doctors of Chiropractic who can help with the nutrition and therapies plus Physical Therapists who can help with the proper exercises.  If you or someone you know is suffering from PN, things can probably get better, and scheduling an appointment to have it evaluated is the next best step to make that happen.  Call us today at 586.772.8560