Our Services Include:

nerve conduction

  • Joint and Muscle Testing
  • Isotonic Functional Capacity Testing
  • Sensory Nerve Conduction Testing
  • Motor (Functional) Nerve Testing
  • Computerized Range of Motion Testing
  • Computerized Myotome Strength Testing
  • Surface EMG (Electromyography)
  • Spirometry
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • X-ray
  • Bone Density Testing (for Osteoporosis)
  • Body Fat Analysis


EKG testing examines for overall heart function to make sure your cardiovascular system is able to handle active exercise with our physical therapy team.

Maximal Forced Expiration / Spirometry

Maximal forced expiration testing assesses an important parameter of lung function: the amount of air you can release from your lungs in one breath. This helps assure us that your lung function is able to handle active exercise with our physical therapy team.

Bone density / Osteoporosis Screening

Bone density testing assesses for risk factors associated with osteoporosis. We measure bone density and compare your density to normalized statistics to determine your level of risk of osteoporotic fracture.

Nerve Conduction Velocity

Nerve Conduction Tests are ordered to learn more about the health of peripheral nerves. Nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing measures the speed of conduction of impulses through a nerve. This test is used to diagnose nerve damage or dysfunction. These tests can establish if a nerve is compressed, and give a numeric value to how severely it is compressed and often where it is compressed. The test can last anywhere from a half an hour to an hour.

Radiographs / X-rayX-Ray Medical Diagnostic Testing

Use to rule out fractures, gross pathology and to assess for structural or postural abnormalities that may be a source our your current pain.

Range of Motion

A study used to determine your level of functional impairment and used as a measuring stick for successful return to function after comprehensive treatment.