My Chiropractic Story by Dr. Paige Rembos, Total Health Systems, Macomb County


During my mom’s pregnancy with my youngest sister, she began to experience a lot of lower back pain. Following the delivery, her Paige-Rembos-D.C.-Total-Health-Systems1pain remained and made it difficult for her to go up and down the stairs, carry us and so forth. She ended up going to see a chiropractor for her pain and lack of range of motion. Within a few treatments she was back to doing all of the things she had done before. Seemingly simple activities we take for granted like going up and down stairs without difficulty but also, most importantly to her, being able to get onto the floor and play with us.

Years later when I was trying to decide which field of medicine I wanted to study, she told me about her experience with chiropractic. I remember wanting to learn so much more about how the of alignment of our spine and joints can impact both the ability and inability, of our body to move and perform how we simply expect it to. I am very thankful for the opportunity to help bring that same expectation back into my patients lives each and every day.


Article written by Paige Rembos, DC