moisture wicking clothingWe talked about shoes a few weeks ago.
Just a reminder to get those shoes now and
train in them before race day.
Get yourself some nice sport socks.
Having the right socks keep your feet happy. Look for sports sock
that have moisture wicking ability. Doing high miles in cotton sicks
can be detrimental for your feet making running not fun.
Moisture Wicking clothing is your new BFF!
Moisture wicking keeps you cooler and is much lighter than
cotton. This type of clothing keeps moisture away from the body,
keeping you dry, comfortable and safe from chafing. (Can help
prevent the dreaded “runners nipple”) If you have been training in
cotton. You don’t know what you are missing.
If you are already familiar with moisture wicking clothing, just a
reminder not to use fabric softener. It is recommended to use a
special sports wear detergent. This helps to keep the tiny holes in
the fabric clear. If those little holes get blocked with a detergent or
fabric softener you clothes can end up holding moisture and will
stink, even if you just washed it.

A hat or visor!
A hat is great idea to keep the sun off your face
and it can keep you cooler and protect your skin.
Be cautious on really hot days though. A hat might
be too hot and a visor may be a better choice.


Fuel Belt
Fuel Belt is great tool to use
while doing longer runs in which
you will need water or
electrolytes. There are many
different types and
sizes. Many runners use their
fuel belt during training runs but
will rely on the aid stations during
the race. It is recommended that you check what sports drink the
race will be providing and that it agrees with you. I recommend
doing at least one long run with the sports drink the race will be
providing. If you don’t like it you can always use your own drink in
your fuel belt during the race.