Ashlynn was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma. She started complaining to her father one day about a sore neck.

Faber-Family Ashlynn’s father initially thought that the soreness was caused from playing rough at the gym they were at so he attempted to rub and massage the sore area on her neck and allowed her to go back to playing.
The soreness in Ashlynn’s neck continued to bother her for 8 days following their visit to the gym where she first complained about the pain while playing.
Ashlynn became ill. As her parents tried to figure out what exactly was wrong with her, they discovered that the majority of her classmates at school were out sick as well with the stomach flu.
During a visit to her family’s physician, it was confirmed that Ashlynn was suffering from the same stomach flu as her other classmates.
Ashlynn’s stomach flu symptoms continued for nine days. On the 10th day, Ashlynn started to continually open and close her left eye and seemed to be walking clumsily around.
When she was asked why she kept opening and closing her left eye unusually, she said that her vision was blurry in the eye. On Monday her parents contacted Ashlynn’s doctor and was instructed to take her to the ER to be tested for a possible ear infection.
After many test, the doctors at the emergency room decided to run a cat scan on Ashlynn. When the ER doctors reviewed her cat Ashlynn-Faber-1scan, they discovered a cancerous mass embedded into Ashlynn’s brain stem.
The doctors deem Medulloblastoma to be standard risk and were able to do a total resection on Ashlynn. She still however faces a long road of treatment beginning with 4 rounds of chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks proton focal radiation done on the tumor bed alone.
Ashlynn has two sisters, Haley (19) & Ciera (18). She also has two brothers Brandon (16) & Kaden (10).
We are honored to have Ashlynn as a RD Kid for 2015 and to be able to sponsor the Faber family.
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