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Due to a number of patients we massage who are suffering from arthritis, we would like to talk Massage Session for Joint Painabout how massage is important to people with arthritic pain.

Let’s start with some information about arthritis. Arthritic is an inflammation of the joints. Joints connect bone to bone. The inflammation of a joint causes pain when people move. There are many types of arthritics, including rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and juvenile arthritis. People try to manage arthritis symptoms with medications.  For many people, other therapies can also prove effective. Some common types are physical therapy, massage therapy, heat/cold therapy, exercise therapy, combination therapy, and more.

Recent studies on the effect of massage for arthritis symptoms have shown regular use of the simple therapy that can lead to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints. Doctors recommend to have one massage session per week. That could make a big difference into an arthritic person’s life. Regular massage sessions could reduce the amount of pain people usually experience in their life because of the arthritis. By adding some medical solutions into your massage session, like Biofreeze, Tiger Balm, etc, it could decrease the amount of pain to a very possible minimum, and it increases a person’s ability to work, live and joy the life without a pain for some period of time. Total Health Systems sells  Biofreeze and  Tiger Balm for the convenience and a comfort of our patients. Massage therapy is an excellent method to manage arthritis without medications. Massage will bring up the fresh blood flow into sick joints. That blood flow is going to bring all necessary chemicals and white blood cells into sick areas of joints to make those areas heal and later feel better and least painful. Regular medication does not bring that unique effect to inflamed joints as massage therapy does. Massage therapy is a very smooth solution in managing a joint pain. People with arthritic pain might obtain a health insurance that covers massage therapy, in order to be able to manage a joint pain on a regular base, or, just simply, buy a package of massage sessions.

Traditional Swedish massage involves long, fluid stroking of muscles and tissues, while deep tissue massage focuses on manipulation of both top and deeper layers of muscles and tissues. Our stuff massage therapists will use these and some other massage techniques to bring more benefits into our patient’s session. Please let your massage therapist know that you have arthritis. Tell that at a time of the appointment made or at a beginning of the session. Please tell what areas are bothering you the most, so our massage therapist could concentrate their attention on that part of your body.
Please schedule your massage appointment with one of our massage therapists because we care about your joint pain.

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