Macomb County Weight Loss & Wellness Program – The Biggest Winner

Hello, my name is Diane Delf and I am the Director of Wellness and Weight Management here at Total Health Systems. I’m a registered nurse and I’ve been doing these programs for many years and we’re here to help you to become the best you can be.

Today I’m going to talk about a new and exciting weight loss and wellness program we’ve been having here at Total Health Systems. It’s called the Biggest Winners and we love it. Our patients are loving it and they’re doing amazing.

We’re just finishing up our second round and we have some great Biggest Winners. One of our first place ladies has lost over 40 pounds now, and she’s lost probably 25 inches. Our second place winner has lost about 25 pounds and 25 inches and they’re having a really great time while they’re doing it.

Our Biggest Winner is a fairly new weight loss program. We’re basing it on the First Line Therapy food program, which is American Heart Association and also Mediterranean food plan, which is high in vegetables, fruits, lean meats and good healthy oils.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to hear about our program, (we’re actually having an open house on October 2nd at our Chesterfield location) we will then make an appointment and have you come in. We’d like you to fill out a form such as this before you come in. It’s a patient information form. It’s going to tell us information about your health history, any kind of medications you’re on, labs, those kinds of things. Hobbies, what you do, what kind of exercise program you may part of already ,or any health issues. This is a really important because I sit down with you and do a health assessment with you to help us to decide together how ready you are for the Biggest Winner weight loss and wellness program.

Once this is done I will then do a BIA, which is bioimpedance testing, which I’ll be going over later. That’s going to tell us a lot of information about your body. Once we have you ready, and we feel that we know your doctor has approved you to have an exercise program, part of The Biggest Winner is you get half an hour of free personal training each time you come to our class. It’s on Wednesday nights, 5:30 at Chesterfield, and each time you’ll come prepared, wear your workout clothes and be ready to have a great workout. The second part of the class is going to be on education, motivation, group support, team support and a lot of laughter.

So our teams are doing great. This year or this next session coming up we’re going to actually have t-shirts that are going to look similar to this and you’ll be part of a team, Total Health, and they’re going to be red because we know that you guys are going to be doing great, and that’s a really bright and energetic color. So, we are looking forward to meeting with you. All you have to do is simply make an appointment. We’ll get you in for nutritional consult and get you started on this program.

Once you are part of this weight loss program, I will also be explaining to you about our food plan, which is great and it’ll keep you healthy. We have different types of supplements, very minimal, with this particular program. Number one is going to always be fish oil, the omega-3s. If you’re a lady who needs extra calcium, we’ve got the calcium supplements, and we’ve also got the supplement shakes, which are complete, meal plans. You don’t even have to have a meal if you choose not to. We use those. Our patients feel energetic and it gives them all the vitamins they need for that day. Plus, we usually put in fruits. We sometimes put vegetables, and we also put oils in them to give you all those great omega-3s for the whole day.

So, the whole program is just amazing. You will lose weight. You will lose inches. You will enjoy what you’re doing, and you may be the next Biggest Winner. So, thank you. Gives us a call, and we look forward to working with you.


Macomb County Weight Loss & Wellness Program – The Biggest Winner

At Total Health Systems we are “a multi-disciplinary practice that provides both traditional medical and holistic therapies with a two-pronged ‘corrective’ and ‘wellness’ approach.”

We are a healthcare facility that is interested in treating “you”, and not a disease or condition. If you are interested in our Biggest Winner weight loss and wellness program in Macomb County, Michigan. Give us a call today!

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