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Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Stages of Chiropractic Care

macomb-county-chiropractor-discusses-stages-of-chiropractic-careMany seek chiropractic care for an acute injury. Getting adjusted as quickly as possible after an injury can help shorten healing time and get you out of pain quickly.  During this initial phase of healing, it is can be necessary to have frequent visits, usually 3 per week but sometimes daily in certain circumstances. Patients often ask why they need to come in so often during the first few weeks. The answer is that it takes repeated input into the joints to assist them back to their normal movement patterns and for the swelling in and around joints and muscles to decrease.  I explain to my patients that once the pain is lessened and the joints are moving for freely, the frequency of care is diminished.

We also have patients entering our offices who have old, lingering injuries, but that are not in severe pain. For these new patients as well as the ones from above that are finished with the acute stage of care, we offer corrective care. This type of care ranges in frequency from approximately once per week to once every two weeks, depending on the situation. This type of care is more for continuing the healing and reprogramming of the spinal joints and supportive tissues in order for the patient to continue their healing and not have a relapse into pain.

Finally, there are patients that come for adjustments that are not in pain and have no chronic injury. These patients are usually asymptomatic children and long-time chiropractic patients who have been through the other stages of care. Patients in this stage are known as wellness patients. They just know the value of the adjustment on the health of their entire body and choose to continue having adjustments to assist in the prevention of illness and/or injury. Usually this type of patient is seen about once per month.

So whether you have a new or old injury, or are just interested in keeping your body healthy, we encourage you to make appointments for yourself and your family to have your spine checked by one of our amazing Chiropractic Physicians at any of our three Macomb County locations today.

Macomb County Chiropractor Discusses Stages of Chiropractic Care

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