Hello Biggest Winners!Lost Weight with Big Winner Challenge

You are all amazing! You are all Total Health Winners!

90 Days of hard work and commitment have shown great results. You have all achieved goals and results in a variety of ways. Some have lost weight and inches and gained lean muscle, some have lowered blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and others have lowered cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL. In addition, many joined our Team Total Health and completed their very first 5k! So many winners and so many achievements. Great job to all of you!

Here are the First and Second place results for the Winter–Spring 90 day Biggest Winner Challenge:

First Place Overall and First Place MaleTom Magnes 5-14

Tom Magnes

Weight Loss – 27.2 pounds!

Inches Lost  – 14.5

“My diet (food plan) has completely changed. We don’t eat out like we used to, and that is a big change in my life. We try new foods every week, and also new recipes. I always exercised, but have now increased my activity and workouts, and see the difference. I follow First Line Therapy food plan, drink my medical food shakes every day, feel stronger and feel great”.

(Tom follows the First Line Therapy food program and has made significant healthy lifestyle changes. He is very strong and motivated, and has stayed consistent and determined from day one! He also owns a thriving business, and works hard at keeping his health and fitness in his daily schedule.  He has not only lost weight and inches, but in his first month of the program, he lowered his percentage of body fat by 1.7%. He strives to stay on track, and his entire family is eating healthy and staying fit. He has also recently met a personal goal of running a 5k, and joined Team Total Health and competed the Let’s Move Macomb 5k race in record time!)

Second Place Male

Bob SuttonBob Suttons, 5-14

Weight Loss this session – 20.2 pounds

Total Weight Loss since 8/29/14 – 80.6 pounds

Total Inches Lost since 8/29/14 – 47.25

“I have made many dietary changes, and no longer crave foods like carbohydrates and starches. Now I am walking twice a day, and have less pain in my knees. My morning blood sugars have dropped from 120-135, to 109. I have more energy, and am much more active, and have given away two large bags of my larger clothes that are way too big for me now.”

(Just stay with it! This is Bob’s motto to share with everyone. He has worked hard at making dramatic life style changes. Once Bob made the decision to start First Line Therapy Healthy Life Style Program, he rarely looked back at life before his lifestyle change. He has consistently chosen to meet the challenges of improving his health, losing weigh, lowering blood sugars, exercising, and has done it consistently – day by day. Great Job!). 

First Place Females (these ladies lost weight and inches and also had matching amounts of percentage of weight loss:

Donna Gorman-Ales

Weight Loss – 17 pounds

Inches Lost – 12.5

“This is a great program with great team support! I enjoy the Biggest Winner class and look  forward to it every week, and the supportive emails.  I have increased my exercise, decreased my carbs, lost weight, and have much more energy. I can follow the program easily, I am always full and feel great!”

(Donna has never looked back! Once she started the First Line Therapy program, she committed and focused on her goal. She worked very hard, is always cheerful and smiling, and continually motivated her team members. She did a great job at staying with the program, lost weight and inches and significantly lowered her body fat. Great Job Donna!)Tom Magnes 5-14

Patti Magnes

Weight Loss – 15.8 pounds

Inches Lost – 10.5

“I have been able to follow this program and have lost weight consistently for the first time in my life. I am always full, and have tried so many different foods and recipes. We no longer eat out like we used to, and my whole family is basically following the program. My exercise has increase, and I also see a personal trainer. No more fast foods for us, I drink more water, and the medical food shakes daily. My blood pressure is going down. It is a really good program, and I feel so much better.”

(Patty has a great attitude and is very motivated. Once she started the program, she kept at it, no matter how tough it was at times. She followed the food plan, increased her exercise, joined Team Total Health and did very good with her family at the 5k. She is a powerful woman, and has overcome many challenges. She is strong, determined and has done outstanding!)

Great Job to all!!

You can become the next Biggest Winner!

Join our next 90 Day Challenge on May 21, 2014, 6pm at our Chesterfield Clinic!

For more information on how you can become the next Biggest Winner, and our other weight loss and wellness programs, contact Diane Delf, RN, Director of Weight Loss and Wellness, at ddelf@totalhealthsystems.com